Friday, August 3, 2012

*We are two weeks away from high school football kicking off in the state of Iowa. 'Nuff said.
*Today is Husker fan day in Lincoln. Our very own Nick Filipowski made the trip to Lincoln. Martinez has a goal of completing 70 percent of his passes this season and says he hasn't felt this good in a very long time.
*I think Taylor will have a solid season IF Tim Beck understands his quarterback better than last season. Those INTs. Martinez threw at Wisconsin, Beck deserves more blame than Martinez.
*Martinez is a different character than Husker fans are usually used to seeing at the QB spot, a reason why I believe they are so easy to get on his case. This season is "Put up or shut up" time for Martinez...and his biggest fan Bo Pelini.
*I think it's a good thing that Bo has Martinez's back...gotta show him that you have confidence in him.
*Martinez is the best Nebraska has until a young man named Johnny Stanton steps on campus.
*Iowa State has one of the best linebacker cores in the country...they don't have a favorable schedule.
*How can you hate against Paul Rhoads? Gotta love what he's doing in Ames.
*I think the QB competition is a healthy one in's only going to make the Clones better.
*Some Nebraska reporters were saying that Iowa would take any one of Nebraska's top 4 or 5 running backs. I would have to agree.
*The lack of running backs at Iowa might open the door for Michael Malloy to get plenty of reps as a true freshman. Hopefully he has a better career as a Hawkeye then the former last Heelan player to wear the Hawkeye uniform.
*I think 7 to 9 wins is reasonable for Iowa this fall..If they can go 5-0 before their bye, watch out.(and it's a reasonable goal.)
*If you're not on Twitter, that sucks. Saw a number yesterday that is mind blowing...just shy of 1 million Twitter accounts in the 2008 Olympics...over 300 million for these games...stunning.

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