Tuesday, August 28, 2012

*Back to the blog(and the countdown)
*I apologize to my 3 readers of the blog that I haven't posted in awhile..I'm sure you were losing sleep.
*Greatest football movie countdown continues: Number 8: The Longest Yard
*The older generation sticks with the Burt Reynolds edition, younger folk prefer the Adam Sandler version..Take your pick, they're both good.
*It is a good storyline and a pretty good football flick. Although some would rank it higher in the countdown, I don't see it better than any movie in my top 7.
*Those wardens try and get you everytime, just ask Andy Dufresne.
*#SportsFourceSpirit has come and gone..ten teams outside the metro in ten days.
*Kingsley-Pierson is the next team on the list. They had a good season last year, however got knocked out of the playoffs first round.
*They think they can improve on that and take the next step in advancing to the playoffs. The Panthers will rely heavily on some senior leadership to get them there.

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