Friday, August 30, 2013

Rest of my top 25

*Welcome back sports fans
*I know you've been losing sleep so here is the rest of my top 25!
16. Florida-Head coach Will Muschamp is coming off his best season at Florida. The Gators saw only one loss in the regular season and could have easily been playing for the Natty title. The loss to Louisville in the Sugar Bowl put a sour taste in the Gators mouth heading into this year. The team returns quarterback Jeff Driskel and a great wide receiving corps. The biggest questions we find, are on the defensive side of the ball. Only a handful of starters return on that side of the ball, a defense that was lit up by Teddy Bridgewater. Not a huge concern as Bridgewater lights up a lot of defenses. The schedule is challenging. Very challenging. At Miami, at LSU, at Missouri, at South Carolina. Home against Tennessee and Florida State. If Florida splits there, I would call it a win.
Regular season record: 9-3

15. Michigan State-I’ve been sold on this team all off-season. Mark Dantonio is coming off a tough 7-6 season last fall but returns a lot of talent that could take the Spartans to new heights. The talk around Big Ten Country has been the qb spot. It was just assumed by the general public that senior Andrew Maxwell would get the job. Maxwell started all 13 games last year but didn’t put up the numbers Spartan Nation wanted to see. Enter sophomore Connor Cook. Cook has put the pressure on Maxwell all summer but it was announced recently that Maxwell will get the start in game one against Western Michigan. Whoever is at qb, they will have a great offensive line in front of them. That’s the key this year for Sparty, the lines. Both the lines are in position to have great years. The Michigan State defense should be salty and the green and white should be undefeated going into a late September game at Notre Dame. If they can get past the Irish and a trip to Iowa City, that should set up a great matchup with rival Michigan in early November. That is followed by trips to Nebraska and then Northwestern, a possible split.
Regular season record: 10-2

14. Virginia Tech-We will find out what the Hokies are about right away in the season opener in Atlanta against Alabama. Do I see them winning this game? No. But I do see them coming back from it and reeling off  8-10 straight wins. Frank Beamer will rely heavily on his senior quarterback Logan Thomas. The duel-threat qb helped Va. Tech put up great numbers offensively last fall, but saw his defense get gashed through the air a few games. That must improve if the Hokies want to return to the Big Boy Bowls.
Regular season record: 10-2

13. Nebraska-Well, this is the season that Huskers fans hope it comes together for sixth year head coach Bo Pelini. The schedule is favorable as Nebraska has their best skill players since 2001. UCLA presents a threat early in Lincoln, but if the Huskers can win against the Bruins, they should be 8-0 heading into Ann Arbor. That’s where the schedule gets salty for senior quarterback Taylor Martinez and the crew. Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, and Iowa all follow a home contest with Northwestern. That’s five pretty tough opponents. By then, the Nebraska faithful is hopeful that the young defense has grown up.
Regular season record: 10-2

12. Florida State-Head coach Jimbo Fisher recently named Jameis Winston their starting if it was ever a question. Seminole fans are banking on the athletic abilities of Winston to take that next step and play for a national title. Many thought it would come last year but a one point loss and a late season loss to rival Florida put them in the Orange Bowl..where they stomped Northern Illinois. The offense will be good..real good. The defense will need to find some fillers up front, but if they can do so, this season could see the same success as last season. At Pitt to open up this Monday, and trips to Clemson and The Swamp..two very tough road trips for a freshman quarterback.
Regular season record: 10-2

11. South Carolina-The ‘Ol Ball Coach and the gang opened up the season last night in a 27-10 win over North Carolina. We expected a win like that. What we didn’t expect was Jadeveon Clowney sucking air while it seemed that the Heisman candidate was out of shape. He says it will come with time. It better come quickly, the Gamecocks play at Georgia two Saturdays from now. Shaw seemed to play well and they will need a performance like that when they face Georgia. I see this as a loss for South Carolina and another one late in the season.
Regular season record: 10-2

10. Louisville-It’s no secret for the Cardinals. They must run the table to be in the national title hunt. The regular season slate ends with a trip to Cincy on a Thursday. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is a Heisman candidate but this team reminds me of Boise State and the position that they were in for so many years. You need to destroy your opponent every week and even if you do, for 12 straight games, you still might not play for a national title. This team could easily go undefeated but I see them losing at least one game.
Regular season record: 11-1

9. LSU-The Tigers open up another season with a bang as they face TCU in Arlington Saturday. LSU also goes to Georgia and Bama but if there is any coach that can pull off wins such as, it would be Les Miles. You have to figure at this point that the LSU defense will always be also have to figure that there will always be a question mark at the quarterback spot no matter who is under center. This year, the plan is that senior Zach Mettenberger will be the one to get the job done.
Regular season record: 10-2

8. Boise State-The era is over where the Broncos come in and surprise people. Now, they’re just a top-10 contender every year. This year the blue will rely on quarterback Joe Southwick. Last year, Boise had some ugly loses..and some ugly wins. Although Washington isn’t expected to do to much, the Boise-U-Dub game is one to keep an eye on this Saturday. After that, a trip to Fresno might be the only game that presents the Broncos with much trouble.
Regular season record: 11-1

7. Oregon-The Chip Kelly era is over and Mark Helfrich might have walked in at the perfect time. The schedule is easy…really easy except for one guessed it, Stanford. They go to the Cardinal on a Thursday night in what will be one of the best games of the year in college foortball. If they can beat Stanford, they very well could run the table. Like LSU, you come to expect certain things from certain teams. With Oregon, it’s you know that their uniforms are going to be ridiculous…and that they will have a dynamic backfield.
Regular season record: 11-1

6. Clemson-They start the season with a tough game..they end the season with a tough game. In between, is Florida State. Those three games will define the Clemson season led by Tajh Boyd. Boyd could win the Heisman, especially if he leads the Tigers to a national title. I have Clemson up there as I think it all comes together for them this year. Out of those three I just mentioned, I see them going 2-1.
Regular season record: 11-1

5. Stanford-I find it impossible to hate Stanford. The defense should be locked and loaded this year to go along with a pretty good offense. The team proved last season that when the defense gives up a lot of points, they can overcome it by scoring more than the other team. I have the Cardinal beating Oregon, but have them getting tripped up along the way. At USC, Notre Dam might present a headache for head coach David Shaw.
Regular season record: 11-1

4. Ohio State-After coming off an undefeated season, many are predicting the Buckeyes to go to the Natty championship…and rightfully so. With Braxton Miller back, Carlos Hyde back(eventually) and a lot of returners coming back. Somewhere along the way..I see a loss. Would I be surprised if they go 12-0 again? Absolutely not. If there is one quarterback that could handle the pressure that that would bring, it’s Miller. Whether it’s at Northwestern, Wiscy, or at Michigan, I see a loss for OSU.
Regular season record: 11-1

3. Alabama-Here we go again. Another great season for Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. Can they win four in five? They have the talent to do so, and possibly the schedule. I think they beat Texas A&M, maybe handily. You know Georgia is gunning for them after the SEC Championship. Alabama will end up in a BCS bowl. But will it be for the National Title?
Regular season record: 12-0

2. Georgia-It’s the reason why Aaron Murray is back. To beat Alabama. I think he and Georgia will get their shot in the SEC Championship. LSU, USC, and Clemson are the only ones who will present a threat to the Dogs but I believe number 11 is on a mission after that 32-28 loss in Atlanta. Georgia had their title hopes dashed in a matter of seconds and I think they play for it this year.
Regular season record: 12-0

1. Texas-This brings us to number one..surprised??Yea, so am I. Even the biggest Longhorn fans aren’t picking them to win the national title, and believe me, it pains me to do so. But I like being different and this Texas team is loaded. Ash and McCoy at QB..and just about everyone else returning at every spot for Mack Brown. The team held on in last year’s Alamo Bowl and Brown even said in a postgame interview that it was a building block for this year. Oklahoma has absolutely owned Texas over the last few years but this is the year where the Horns win back the Red River and the national championship.
Regular season record: 12-0

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two-A-Days No More, Wildcats On The Prowl, Wegher, Shatel's Article on Husker Fans

 *Hey sports fans..The blog has been slacking as of late as I'm sure most of you don't care about my top 25 so I'm going to try and pick it up.
*Iowa high school football teams have dropped the "two-a-day" practices and have went to a single practice a day due to the boys in Boone ending the multiple practices in a single day. I never played a down of high school football so I would like to hear what some of you former/current high school players think of this. I'm sure coaches do the best to find ways around the rule. Some questions to ponder...does it hurt the overall performance of high school football? Are the teams more "even" at the end of fall practice?
*I think the boys in B-Town have one question and one question only: Does this make practice "safer" for the kids? I think the answer to that is, yes. Whether you think they're being to "soft" on the kids or not getting them game ready, it's hard to argue that there will be less kids fainting/heat exhaustion, etc. Here's something to chew on: How about a running back faints in a game because he wasn't conditioned well enough where he could of been better conditioned better with two-a-days as opposed to one. Interesting.
*Former Sioux City Bishop Heelan running back Brandon Wegher is headed to Morningside. I touched on this a little in a previous blog. In my mind, Wegher is a NFL talent. Things didn't work out at Iowa...or Oklahoma...or Iowa Western.
*Here is the story by KCAU. Watching this, you want to root for the guy. He never killed anyone..He didn't get busted for coke...He made a few mistakes, we all do.
Saying All The Right Things
 *Hard to imagine the last time he touched a football in uniform, it was for the game-clinching TD against Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl..Remember those days, Iowa fans? Here's a reminder: USA NUMBER 1!!!
 *Flipping over to the Huskers...Here is an absolutely great read by Omaha World Herald's Tom Shatel on Nebraska fans and the hope for the upcoming season.
Husker Fans Need Hope
*Shatel writes contrasting the anticipation of a past season compared to the outlook for this season, "If a Husker team had a four-year starter at quarterback, along with this arsenal of offensive weapons, and the 2013 schedule, nobody would be worrying about a young defense. People would be making their Jan. 1 hotel reservations.Alas, I think Husker fans have forgotten how to make those plans. And I think some of them are forgetting how to hope." BINGO. If the year was 1998 with the schedule Nebraska had and with the starting QB and running game coming back, Husker fans would have already had every hotel room checked out in Pasadena. Will that hope ever return for Nebraska fans?
*We have arrived at #17 on my college football top 25 poll: Northwestern
*Did you think you would ever see the Cats picked above Oklahoma, USC, AND Michigan? That must be why no one reads my blog.
*This is hands-down the best Pat Fitzgerald team that has ever put on the purple. The problem is they play one of the toughest schedules in the B1G. Ohio State to open up Big Ten play, at Wisconsin, at Nebraska, Michigan, and Michigan State.
*The Northwestern backfield is incredible. Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian will be the qbs, both very dangerous. Venric Mark will be the one who they will be handing the ball off to, the most underrated back in America. Northwestern returns just about everyone at the skill position and the defense has a chance to be decent.
*October 5th might be the biggest day in Northwestern football history. Homecoming. Ohio State comes to town. Both will be undefeated. Night game. Game Day will be there. Should be fun.
*Regular season: 9-3

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Top 25 countdown, Bills a Super Bowl favorite, Ending golf season with a yawn.

*Hey sports fans..
*Doing a neat little sports promo here at WDAZ where we're giving a chance for the smaller schools to get some love. Often times, the smaller schools don't get as much TV coverage as the bigger schools so we're giving all the teams in our viewing area a chance to be covered. "8 in 8" is what it is called where you can vote on our website and the top 8 vote-getters will be previewed. People bring the argument, "Well, all the bigger schools are going to win." Funny that after two days, Grand Forks Red River and Grand Forks Central(two of the biggest schools in it) have 43 combined votes. Win-E-Mac of Minnesota(enrollment of around 120) has 145 votes. Got to love Small Town, USA.
*My Top 25 countdown rolls on to the number 18 spot with UCLA.
*I really don't think this is the 18th best team in America but I think with the division they're in(the Pac-12 South) and the coach that they have(Jim Mora) that this team is going to end up in a better bowl.
*The team is set at quarterback with sophomore Brett Hundley. As many Nebraska fans know, number 17 is a fantastic talent. UCLA, like most teams, can't afford to see their qb get hurt.
*The Bruins face a very tough schedule. They go to Nebraska, Utah on a Thursday, Stanford, Oregon, Arizona, and USC(technically a road game but not really). That's about as bad as you can get it playing in the Pac-12. I think they make a clean sweep at home and beat SC for the second year in a row. That gives them seven wins. If they can win two more on the road, that gives them nine wins and playing in the Pac-12 Championship Game. If by that time they've improved on defense, UCLA could pull of the upset and end up in a BCS game.
*Regular season record: 9-3
*On Sunday, EJ Manuel and the Buffalo Bills rolled to a 44-20 win over the Colts. It's a question of why to even play the season at this point. The Bills are clearly the Super Bowl favorites and they should just hand the Rookie of the Year award to Manuel. a Bills fan, you have to be optimistic right?
*Also on Sunday, Jason Dufner won his first major golf championship. Good for him. To bad it was the most boring golf major ever to watch. For what was an exciting golf season, it surely ended on a boring note. When is The Masters again?
*Have a good week all!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 25 countdown rolls into Ann Arbor, Wegher to Morningside, UND football notes

*Greetings football fans..our top 25 countdown rolls on as we get to the 19th ranked in Michigan
*Coming off a very disappointing fall where the Wolverines went just 85 in Brady Hoke's second year, Devin Gardner and the bunch is looking to have a breakout season. They get the Irish at home in the second game of the season and since I'm not high on the Irish, I have Michigan winning this game. The blue should be undefeated heading into November when the Wolverines open up the month at rival Michigan State. Sparty will have revenge on their minds after a THRILLING up and down win for Michigan last year(12-10) in the Big House. In their last five games of the season, I see Hoke going 3 and 2. The question is, will they end up in the Big Ten Championship game? If so, they could face Ohio State in back to back weeks...wouldn't that be fun for both the fan bases.
*If they want to get there, they need to improve on their turnover ratio where they were minus nine last year. That falls on the junior Gardner, a season in which the expectation for him goes way up. The running game will be solid behind a veteran offensive line. The biggest question is, can they adjust to Hoke's new style, the pro-style offense. This is where it gets tricky because Gardner can run like the wind and you don't want to bottle that up. Gardner, like Denard Robinson, can expand the defense and is the key to make the offense go.
*You also want to keep Gardner healthy as we saw the wheel fall off last season when he went down with injury. The battle for the legends division is in the air with three maybe four teams reaching for it(Mich, MSU, Neb, and Northwestern)
*Regular season record: 9-3
*So former Bishop Heelan star and Iowa Hawkeye Brandon Wegher is back in the news..this time it's for getting back on the football field. Wegher is set to play for Morningside College(NAIA) in Sioux City. Since leaving Iowa, Wegher has been in the news several times, none in which were positive. Not a knock against the NAIA, but Wegher giving 50 percent would break NAIA rushing records. I wish him the best.
*UND football stories

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top 25 rolls on, FCS coaches release their top 25, UND football

*Hey sports fans..
*We have arrived at the number 20 on my top 25 preseason countdown. Now this pick was made before their star quarterback was in the news..again. #20 Texas A&M
*This team doesn't know what to expect for the upcoming season. Their quarterback, last year's Heisman winner Johnny Manziel, is once again in the national spotlight..this time the NCAA is investigating "Johnny Football" profiting off of signing autographs.
*No one knows at this point if number three will even be Texas A&M's quarterback this year. Coach Sumlin is praying every night that this storm passes through and Manziel is still under center for the Aggies(at least for this year)
*Let's say the ship does sail and Manziel is still their qb...the spotlight will be on him every week. It wasn't like that last season. Sure, later in the season it was. Defense's now know him..spending all summer to prepare for him after he torched their defense. Alabama, in College Station, September 14th..what a game that will be.
*The Aggies do return a lot of talent on offense including Jake Matthews of that great offensive line. The defense is young in spots but they shouldn't have to much pressure with what figures to be a high-powered offense for A&M.
*Regular season record: 9-3

UND football stories

Monday, August 5, 2013

USC comes in at lucky 21, UND football media day

 *Hey sports fans...the top 25 countdown rolls on to lucky number 21: USC
*The Matt Barkley era is over in Southern California for Lane Kiffin and the bunch. The question is, who is going to replace number seven? Freshman Max Browne or Max Wittek? Cody Kessler is trying to make a run for the spot as well. Whoever starts, Marqise Lee will be there top target. He has put up video game-like numbers the past two years and looks to do so this year.
*Kiffin enters his fourth year with USC and this is the year he has to show something. He has posted a 25-13 record at USC going 0 for 1 in bowl games which doesn't cut it. The schedule cuts them a break with Stanford coming to the Rose Bowl and the slate is a fairly easy one with no Oregon. They do go to Oregon State on a Friday night which could spell trouble as I think the Beavers are a sleeper team.
*If USC goes 7-6 again, the Lane Kiffin era might be over. Regular season record: 10-3
Good read on Manziel by columnist Gregg Doyel Johnny Football to Canada?

*Pat Sweeney and I were at UND football media day and have about 45 minutes worth of interviews. Expect a lot of pigskin in your sportscast over the next week.
*Some notes:
*Ryan Bartels and Joe Mollberg are some cool cats for being freshmen. As the two battle it out at the quarterback position, the anticipation for who is going to start is only to grow. Both say all the right things but more importantly, their teammates are saying all the right things about them. Teammates are saying Bartels and Mollberg are showing great leadership in the huddle and Ryan and Joe said they're embracing the role of being team leaders.
*The keys to this year's defense is stopping the run and forcing turnovers. Just ask them. Carr, Goodman, and Finley all said those were the keys to this year's defense being better than last.
*More on UND tomorrow and we take a look at the number 20 team.

Motivation Monday, Top 25 countdown moves on, Manziel

*Happy Monday everyone. I hope the weekend treated you well.
*If you need something to wake you up Some motivation for you on this Monday
*Let's get to it.
*My top 25 countdown rolls on as we reach the number 22 team in Oklahoma
*This one goes out to the biggest OU fan out there, "Dusty" from the movie Twister.
*The Sooners are reeling after they were throttled by Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl. They made some changes bringing in assistants hoping to help Stoops get back to the next level. They go to Notre Dame, Kansas State, and play Okie State in Stillwater. Texas, of course, is in Dallas. They should win all other games. They have dominated Texas the last two years and have beat the rival Cowboys three out of the last four seasons. I'm high on the Longhorns so I say they lose that game. Why? I say Texas controls the game with their offensive line going against OU's very young d-line.
*Boomer Sooner has some weapons on offense but the offense will be dictated by junior quarterback Blacke Bell. A healthy Damien Williams could have a breakout year at the running back spot and the wide receivers bring back some big numbers. Just like their rival OSU, this team could end the year with one loss. Much to Dusty's displeasure, I see them losing three. Regular season record: 9-3
*Johnny Manziel is back in the spotlight, as "Outside The Lines" is looking at Manziel signing autographs for money. O, boy. If you're bored at work
*That's it for this morning. The UND football team has its media day today. Blog to follow.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day One of UND football, my top 25 rolls on with Notre Dame

Hey football fans..
*Day one is in the books for the UND football team and you could not ask for a better day to start the 2013 campaign.
Some notes:
*The quarterback race between Detroit Lakes, MN. native Joe Mollberg and Ryan Bartels out of Illinois has only just begun. There is no clear-cut number one and I'm guessing there won't be(at least announced to the media) until you see either #6 or #14 trot onto the field for UND's first drive against Valparaiso.
*Both have their own qualities and I'll dive into that the closer we get to kickoff. It seems that they've built a friendship, which is healthy for the team, and both realize the race is only going to make the team better. Story coming tomorrow on the two on WDAZ/WDAY.
*Sophomore wide receiver Kenny Golladay told me that he was NOT one of the 60-65 players that stayed up here in Grand Forks and worked out with teammates. He went back to Chicago and worked out with a personal trainer and focused on his footwork. Many think KG will have a break out year and watching his stuff from last year, I can see why and he says he's faster than last season. Scary. He made some terrific catches on Saturday and I have a feeling I'll be saying that a lot this fall.
*Tempo seems to be a big thing the coaches are harping on. Getting in the play, hustling to the line,
getting the snap off. UND knows they have the weapons on offense and they're playing to their strengths there.

*My college football top 25 countdown rolls on as we arrive at the number 23 slot: Notre Dame
*Many are projecting Notre Dame to finish just outside the top 10. I’m not buying it. Last year was the typical Brian Kelly third year success. The Irish went undefeated before getting smashed in the National Championship. The “Luck of the Irish” was in full effect last season as Notre Dame snuck out several close games.
*I believe this season, the luck will turn against them. Let’s take a look at the schedule:
Trips to Michigan, Pitt, and Stanford. Home stands against Michigan State, Oklahoma, USC, and BYU. Not to mention a contest with Arizona State in Arlington. Good luck. You could make an early argument of at least five losses on that schedule.
*The defense is stacked, I’ll give the Irish that. Notre Dame caught a bad break with Golson but Tommy Rees brings experience and Kelly has already named him the number one at the QB spot and the starter against Temple in the season opener. Rees must cut down on the turnovers. If he doesn’t, the defense will be put in bad situations like they were two seasons ago when the offense turned the ball over almost 30 times.
*Regular season record: 8-4

Friday, August 2, 2013

Top 25 countdown continues, UND football notes

*Happy Friday football fans!
*The Top 25 college football countdown continues today as we reach my preseason #24 team-
#24 Oklahoma State
*This is a typical Mike Gundy squad with a lot of offensive power. The Cowboys have been picked atop the Big 12 and rightfully so. WR Josh Stewart helps whoever will be starting at the quarterback position. Stewart is a great deep threat going for over 1,200 yards last year. Running back Jeremy Smith is coming off a mid-season injury that cut his 2012 season short. This fall, he finds himself on the Doak Walker watch list.
*The quarterback battle is a good one in Stillwater. Clint Chelf and J.W. Walsh had similar numbers last year. Walsh went 2-1 as a starter last year and was the Big 12 Freshman of the Year. Chelf traveled a different road last season starting the season as the number three quarterback. He went on to start the last five games and win the Cowboys bowl MVP. I think JW will start the entire year unless the wheels fall off.
*The defense has some talent but needs to improve greatly if they want to win the Big 12. In last year's losses(5), the team gave up 59, 41, 44, 51, 41. Yikes.
*The schedule starts off August 31st with Mississippi State in Houston 2:30 on ABC/ESPN2. They should win that one and sweep through the non-conference with ease. I see at least two or three loses in that Big 12 schedule. At Texas and rounding out the season with OU will be their biggest games..and I think two L's.
*Regular season record: 9-3
*UND starts practice tomorrow and all eyes will be on the quarterback battle. It's been the buzz around town and I'm guessing it will be until the first kickoff. From what I say in spring ball, I would say Joe Mollberg and Ryan Bartels are dead even. The recent depth chart agrees with me. The "Pre-Fall Depth Chart" has Mollberg OR Bartels listed as the one(the only position to do so). Like Okie State, whoever does get the job will have great wide receivers to throw to.
*As Grand Forks Herald sports writer Tom Miller and I discussed, the quarterback isn't the only position battle for the green and white. Give a listen.
Tom Miller of The Grand Forks Herald and I discuss UND Football
*I'll be at tomorrow's practice bright and early. Blog to follow. Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Football season is here, Top 25 countdown, Tix promotion

*Greetings and happy August 1st football fans!
*August means we have finally reached football season. Camp has started for the NFL teams, most college teams start practice within a week. Four weeks until the college football season begins.
*First weekend of college football: Thursday, Valparaiso at North Dakota. Friday, North Dakota State at Kansas State. Saturday, Bama-Va. Tech, Georgia-Clemson, and LSU-TCU. I'm also intrigued by Washington-Boise State. Monday night also features Fla. State at Pitt. Nothing to crazy, but some solid matchups to open up the season.
*My Top 25 countdown begins today and starting the list is...Wisconsin
*The biggest reason the Badgers made it into my top 25 is because of their soft schedule. They miss out on Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State. They do travel to Ohio State, a night game in Columbus. They should be undefeated going into that game where anything can happen when those two face each other. Ill, Indiana, Minnesota, and Purdue should be wins..that gets them to seven. I say they split Penn State, Iowa, BYU, and Iowa. taking them to 9 wins.
*The schedule is a blessing for first year coach, Gary Anderson(who comes from Utah State)GREAT HIRE.
*Stave or Phillips is the big question coming into the fall as they battle it out at QB. No matter who earns the spot, they will have a great wide receiving core to throw to.
*I don't think Wisconsin gets to the Rose Bowl this year breaking their 3-year run but I see them doing well in Anderson's first year.
*Regular season record: 9-3
*The University of North Dakota had a neat little promotion to try and sell football season tickets.
'30 Minutes or Less'
*UND coaches and players hand delivered season tickets yesterday to fans. In its first year-trial run, they sold 57 season tickets, bumping them up to the most season tickets sold since 2005. The home schedule sells itself.
*Can you imagine if a team like Alabama did something like this? The number would be in the THOUSANDS.