Sunday, August 11, 2013

Top 25 countdown, Bills a Super Bowl favorite, Ending golf season with a yawn.

*Hey sports fans..
*Doing a neat little sports promo here at WDAZ where we're giving a chance for the smaller schools to get some love. Often times, the smaller schools don't get as much TV coverage as the bigger schools so we're giving all the teams in our viewing area a chance to be covered. "8 in 8" is what it is called where you can vote on our website and the top 8 vote-getters will be previewed. People bring the argument, "Well, all the bigger schools are going to win." Funny that after two days, Grand Forks Red River and Grand Forks Central(two of the biggest schools in it) have 43 combined votes. Win-E-Mac of Minnesota(enrollment of around 120) has 145 votes. Got to love Small Town, USA.
*My Top 25 countdown rolls on to the number 18 spot with UCLA.
*I really don't think this is the 18th best team in America but I think with the division they're in(the Pac-12 South) and the coach that they have(Jim Mora) that this team is going to end up in a better bowl.
*The team is set at quarterback with sophomore Brett Hundley. As many Nebraska fans know, number 17 is a fantastic talent. UCLA, like most teams, can't afford to see their qb get hurt.
*The Bruins face a very tough schedule. They go to Nebraska, Utah on a Thursday, Stanford, Oregon, Arizona, and USC(technically a road game but not really). That's about as bad as you can get it playing in the Pac-12. I think they make a clean sweep at home and beat SC for the second year in a row. That gives them seven wins. If they can win two more on the road, that gives them nine wins and playing in the Pac-12 Championship Game. If by that time they've improved on defense, UCLA could pull of the upset and end up in a BCS game.
*Regular season record: 9-3
*On Sunday, EJ Manuel and the Buffalo Bills rolled to a 44-20 win over the Colts. It's a question of why to even play the season at this point. The Bills are clearly the Super Bowl favorites and they should just hand the Rookie of the Year award to Manuel. a Bills fan, you have to be optimistic right?
*Also on Sunday, Jason Dufner won his first major golf championship. Good for him. To bad it was the most boring golf major ever to watch. For what was an exciting golf season, it surely ended on a boring note. When is The Masters again?
*Have a good week all!

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