Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top 25 rolls on, FCS coaches release their top 25, UND football

*Hey sports fans..
*We have arrived at the number 20 on my top 25 preseason countdown. Now this pick was made before their star quarterback was in the news..again. #20 Texas A&M
*This team doesn't know what to expect for the upcoming season. Their quarterback, last year's Heisman winner Johnny Manziel, is once again in the national spotlight..this time the NCAA is investigating "Johnny Football" profiting off of signing autographs.
*No one knows at this point if number three will even be Texas A&M's quarterback this year. Coach Sumlin is praying every night that this storm passes through and Manziel is still under center for the Aggies(at least for this year)
*Let's say the ship does sail and Manziel is still their qb...the spotlight will be on him every week. It wasn't like that last season. Sure, later in the season it was. Defense's now know him..spending all summer to prepare for him after he torched their defense. Alabama, in College Station, September 14th..what a game that will be.
*The Aggies do return a lot of talent on offense including Jake Matthews of that great offensive line. The defense is young in spots but they shouldn't have to much pressure with what figures to be a high-powered offense for A&M.
*Regular season record: 9-3

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