Thursday, August 1, 2013

Football season is here, Top 25 countdown, Tix promotion

*Greetings and happy August 1st football fans!
*August means we have finally reached football season. Camp has started for the NFL teams, most college teams start practice within a week. Four weeks until the college football season begins.
*First weekend of college football: Thursday, Valparaiso at North Dakota. Friday, North Dakota State at Kansas State. Saturday, Bama-Va. Tech, Georgia-Clemson, and LSU-TCU. I'm also intrigued by Washington-Boise State. Monday night also features Fla. State at Pitt. Nothing to crazy, but some solid matchups to open up the season.
*My Top 25 countdown begins today and starting the list is...Wisconsin
*The biggest reason the Badgers made it into my top 25 is because of their soft schedule. They miss out on Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State. They do travel to Ohio State, a night game in Columbus. They should be undefeated going into that game where anything can happen when those two face each other. Ill, Indiana, Minnesota, and Purdue should be wins..that gets them to seven. I say they split Penn State, Iowa, BYU, and Iowa. taking them to 9 wins.
*The schedule is a blessing for first year coach, Gary Anderson(who comes from Utah State)GREAT HIRE.
*Stave or Phillips is the big question coming into the fall as they battle it out at QB. No matter who earns the spot, they will have a great wide receiving core to throw to.
*I don't think Wisconsin gets to the Rose Bowl this year breaking their 3-year run but I see them doing well in Anderson's first year.
*Regular season record: 9-3
*The University of North Dakota had a neat little promotion to try and sell football season tickets.
'30 Minutes or Less'
*UND coaches and players hand delivered season tickets yesterday to fans. In its first year-trial run, they sold 57 season tickets, bumping them up to the most season tickets sold since 2005. The home schedule sells itself.
*Can you imagine if a team like Alabama did something like this? The number would be in the THOUSANDS.

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