Sunday, July 28, 2013

Johnny Manziel, Kauker, UND football, College football chat

"Ok, listen up everybody, turn up your volumes. Announcement-I got good news..This is the last Sunday without football the rest of the year."
*Most of my readers(all 10 of you) live in the Midwest. This weather has been great(especially if you haven't turned on your AC all summer.) The temps in the 40's are teasing us..making us think football is here. Can't come soon enough.
*Here's Johnny
*Johnny Manziel has been in the media a lot as of late...and here's Johnny again making the news.
*Everyone is going to have different opinions on Manziel's actions and my view won't change your view. But I will say this-There has never been a college athlete that has been under OR will be under the microscope than Johnny Manziel. Johnny Manziel is to college football as LeBron James is to the NBA in regards to being under the watchful eye.
*Alabama-Texas A&M might be the most watched college football regular season game ever...or any college game at that. (September 14th, 2:30, ABC) Man, will College Station be rockin' that weekend.
*Meet K-Dawg
*This is a story I did on "Grand Forks Super Fan" Mark Kauk. I've never seen anything like it..guy is at one leave before him to go to another game..and he beats you to that next game. I think every town has a Mark..just maybe not as committed as Mark.
*The UND football season opens up on a Thursday night, at home, against Valpo. It would be easy to look past Valpo with SDSU, Montana, and Montana State coming to the Alerus the next three games. Those first four games are going to tell us a lot about this team. We know they have one of the best wide receiving cores in the FCS..but what about starting a freshman quarterback(Mollberg or Bartels)..what about the defense that was gashed over and over again last year. I think going 3-1 might be a lot to ask for in that four game stretch to open up the season..anything less than 2-2 would be a blow. The perfect over/under for UND this year is 7 wins. Get 7, beat either SDSU, Montana, or Montana State and I think you make the playoffs.
*As far as BCS goes, I have picked my national champion..and it's a team not in the SEC. I will be dropping my top 25 starting August 1st.
*A quick preview-Notre Dame will have a tough time getting to 7 wins,  Indiana will make a bowl game, Michigan State scares me, and Iowa State and Iowa have the same expectations this year.
*Expect more blog posts this fall.

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