Thursday, June 27, 2013

NBA Finals, Because It's The Cup, Hawks-Clones-Skers over/under

*Welcome back sports fans..
*It's been awhile so let's get to it
*I don't know if you could've asked for a better NBA and Stanley Cup Finals.
*Let's go opposite of the "four-lettered network" and start on the ice.
*Two original squads, three overtime games, and the two hottest teams in hockey clashing for the cup led to a very entertaining series between the Blackhawks and the Bruins. The NHL needed a great series and they got just that-ratings were up all across the board.
*This year's Cup Finals pulled in the "non-traditional hockey fans" who learned there is nothing better than playoff hockey. I know a couple of my non-hockey buddies had a good time playing the #BucciOvertimeChallenge.
*I was back in Iowa for most of the Finals and restaurant servers looked at me weird when I asked if they had "Hockey Night in Canada." Too bad. Their openings were awesome.
*Although ratings were up for the NHL, it still couldn't touch how many viewers gathered around the TV to watch the veteran Spurs take on King James and the Heat. It looked like Miami was done in Game 6 until Ray (Jesus Shuttlesworth) Allen made Daddy Denzel proud and buried a three that saved LeBron from an off season of being blamed. That's two for James now...
*This year's NBA draft is a yawner...
 *To college football..Here are the over/under's on this years upcoming season.
*Iowa and Iowa State are 5.5..How does that make you feel Hawkeye fans??
*Nebraska is at 9.5
*(Me drinking the kool aid)
*I think Iowa goes OVER, Iowa State OVER, Nebraska OVER.
*CPR will somehow sneak out a win in the last game of the season to once again become bowl eligible. Question is Cyclone fans, how long do you let these seasons fly?
*Ferentz knows this is a critical year..With an unproven quarterback it will be hard for Kirk to manage six wins but I think the running game and defense will carry the Hawkeyes to a bowl game. Look for running back Michael Malloy to get A LOT of playing time behind Mark Weisman.

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