Friday, September 28, 2012

Huskers-Badgers, Tunnel Walk vs. Jump Around, Tom Osborne, Iowa 10 years ago, Is Iowa State taking over the state?

*Greetings my friends
*Today is a good day 1.)It's Friday 2.)It's Football Season 3.)Last night, Washington beat Stanford and last year Nebraska beat Washington and since Iowa played Nebraska last year, that means Iowa is a BCS team this year.
*Let us get to it.
*Number 2 on the Top 10 football movies of all time countdown: Remember the Titans. This movie might have a strong case for number 1 but a "5 foot nothin, 100 and nothin" dude won't let that happen.
*This movie has everything you need, football fan or not. With legends like Coach Boone and YOAST!! to Julius Campbell and Sunshine, if this movie doesn't make you choke up, well you can go hang out with Coach Taber.
*What's your favorite part of the movie? Too many for me to name.
*The Nebraska-Wisconsin game has lost a lot of interest from a national standpoint, but for the Nebraska players it hasn't. Although some would compare it to the Texas game, I don't buy that. It seems like the Huskers are a little more business like this time around.
*Wisconsin is bad but I don't think they're as bad as people make them out to be. Nebraska should win by 14 plus, but they won't. My prediction, 26-19 Huskers. Don't ask me how the Badgers get 19, it's the Big Ten..probably a safety, a field goal, a touchdown and a missed PAT, with a touchdown and a two point conversion-That's how the Big Ten rolls...UGLY.
*Tunnel Walk>Jump Around
*Iowa fans...remember 10 years ago when you played Minnesota-How could you forget..tearing down the goalposts in the Metrodome and trying to take them out the door with you back to Iowa City. Nebraska had 6 losses..Iowa State was losing to UCONN before UCONN football was UCONN football..times were good Hawk fans. What happened?
*Last week it was hard to watch the Hawks. No doubt Iowa played a large part into losing that game..but credit CMU-They came in and played outstanding.
*Iowa fans..Why isn't Captain Kirk on the hot seat? Yea, it's been whispered around but it should be shouted. It seems like Iowa fans are afraid that they lose Kirk, they will lose everything that was built with Coach Fry and himself.
*It seems like more and more, coaches are playing to deep into the game (Kirk and Stoops) and it's starting to backfire on them. No doubt Ferentz can coach..look how he turned it around..but when is it time to start thinking about a change? GD is new to the offense, I get that. But how long to give that, 3 years? By then is just getting to a bowl game good enough?
*Hawk fans please give me some feedback: @DanCoreyKTIV or on the Facebook page.
*At this point, I think they redshirt Michael Malloy.
*Iowa State more win and you're in the Top 25-How does that feel?
*Speaking of which, can Nebraska have Jamie Pollard? I'll never say anything bad about that guy and what he's done for Iowa State athletics.
*And if KF is eventually out in IC, there is no way CPR goes to "the dark side" is there?
*Texas Tech is not the Tech of old..but they have some weapons..a veteran qb, can he handle the "dynamic duo" of the ISU LB's. Should be a great game.
*Tom Osborne is getting out of the game and it has been a great ride for TO. He channeled his faith into coaching and teaching boys how to become men. 
*The replacement refs are gone and Ed Hochulis biceps are back. Now we get on with the biggest empire in the world. 
*Morningside QB Joel Nixon might be the answer the Mustangs have been looking for..One of the best D's in quite sometime(and that's saying something) Nixon is 30-0 in his last 30 starts at QB. Guy knows how to win.
*Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

*Let us roll on with the countdown of the top 10 football movies as we arrive at Number 3: Friday Night Lights.
*I had some very high expectations when it came out to theaters when it came out in 2004. It lived up to them. Billy Bob Thornton was absolutely tremendous playing coach Gaines. The movie puts an exclamation point on the book that was written by Bissenger. It amazes me how much the pictures in the book are so close to the actors in the movies. Usually you see some resemblance, but Derek Luke (who played Boobie) looks like the real Boobie.
*I want to visit Odessa, Texas solely based on this book and movie.
*We are entering the third week of college football...and it feels glorious.
*First and foremost, I would like to apologize to Iowa State fans everywhere for doubting Taylor Nystroms beloved Cyclones. I went against the Clones their first two games and got burned.
*Ever seen the "The Opposite" episode of Seinfeld? Where George is up and Eileen is down and Kramer calls Jerry an "Even Steven"..yea, that one. That was exactly what happened with the Cy-Hawk game over the last two years. Last fall in Ames, we saw the greatest game(depending on who you are) between the two teams. This year?? I could of painted a wall and watched it dry and it would of been more interesting.
*The Cyclones gave every opportunity for Iowa to win the game..the Hawks didn't want it.
*To say Iowa is STRUGGLING on offense is an understatement. Greg Davis wants to take the Iowa offense and mold it into what he had at Texas...Here's the problem..Iowa has the personell to run counters, play-action passes, and having the tight end as their premiere receiving threat. What they're are doing isn't working and it's shaping up like it can be a long year for Iowa fans.
*The Clones defense(mainly their LB's) are as advertised. Paul Rhoads is got something in Ames.
*I don't think Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard gets enough respect. Here's a guy that made some hires that didn't work out (Mac and Chizik) but responded with authority with the hires of the Mayor and Rhoads.
*I said Nebraska would win by 3 touchdowns..I have never been more wrong. UCLA deserved more respect and I was drinking the Husker Kool-Aid. 
*Nebraska has some big problems, especially on the defensive end of the ball.
*What I said about Davis and the Iowa offense..same problem with Nebraska and the defense.
*If you told Nebraska fans that Bo wouldn't have the personnel on the field to fit his type of defense (physical and fundamental), Husker fans wouldn't of bought it.
*The Husker defense was in position to make plays, they didn't.
*To put the blame of the Husker loss on quarterback Taylor Martinez is ridiculous. It falls on the shoulders of Tim Beck and the Nebraska play calling.
*More coming this week.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Iowa-Iowa State, Nebraska-UCLA, Morningside-NWC

*As we continue the countdown of the Top 10 greatest sports movies of all time we arrive at number four...Brian's Song.
*If this movie doesn't choke you up, you don't have a heart. I'm going to have to go with the old school version of the flick, and that one alone. When you think of great men throughout time names like Ray Finkle, Danny O'Shea, and Brian Piccolo come to mind.
*This movie doesn't have the most entertainment and is aged with its quality of video, but it's one that will tug at your heart.
*Let's get to it:
*It's one of the biggest weeks in Iowa, second only to the week of the state fair. Iowa-Iowa State. 'Nuff said.
*This is the week where Iowa and Iowa State fans go back and forth, and its so much to sit back and watch the dogs go at it.
*Last year was one of the most entertaining games I can remember between the two teams. Was that a fun game to watch. Steele Jantz put his mark down on the Hawkeyes and it's never going to be erased from Iowa fans minds.
*I cannot remember a game between these two teams that both have been so equally talented!! Iowa State looked very sharp, especially late in the game against Tulsa. Iowa looked poor all the way through against Northern Illinois.
*Remember when Iowa escaped UNI a couple years ago? Remember how BAD that team looked in week one? Yea, they went on to beat Iowa State 35-3. Ouch. Clones, don't let that happen.
*It hasn't been pretty over the last few years in Iowa City for the Cyclones..the last couple of trips east on 80 have resulted in blowouts.
*Here's some keys to the game: Iowa's offensive line has to improve SIGNIFICANTLY. They must protect JVB and give him time to throw. If they control the line of scrimmage, I'm telling you it might be a long day for Iowa State.
*That being said, I think Iowa State needs to control the football...something that shouldn't be a problem. Shontrelle Johnson should rack up over 100 yards again and Steele Jantz looks to eat up the Hawk defense with scrambling out like he did last season.
*The same old song: Turnovers and Special teams..How good was Iowa's special teams last week? Meyer was excellent. Hawks hoping the don't have to use Meyer that much this week. Hawks need 7 if they want to stick with Iowa State.
*Prediction: @tnytro don't hate me Iowa:26 Iowa State:17
*Out West we go...Rex Burkhead is rumored to make the trip..psstttt...Don't play him. If you can't beat UCLA without Rex Burkhead, you don't deserve to be a national contender, something Nebraska wants to be.
*If you want to see a preview of what the game will look like from the Rose Bowl tomorrow night, pop in the 2010 Washington-Nebraska game.
*Martinez will be an early "Heisman candidate" Monday morning..It's going to be his coming home party.
*Gus Johnson is doing play by play of the game on Fox. I'm anxious to watch a game on something other than the four letter network.
*Every Nebraska fan is hoping to hear: "MARTINEZZZZZ TOUCHDOWN!!WELCOME HOME T-MAGIC!!"-Gus Voice.
*Vegas really likes UCLA to stick with Nebraska, thinking that Mora(an X's and 0's) guy will pit his "athletes" and hang with the Big Red. Response to this is Mike Leech at Washington State..just because you have a great coach(and I think that both are) it doesn't mean you waddle in and beat good teams.
*Prediction: Nebraska: 57 UCLA:26
*To the biggest game at Elwood Olsen Stadium in YEARS.
*Morningside hosting Northwestern is going to be a great game. The Red Raiders will send the entire town of Orange City down 75 and "Cheapskate Hill" will be packed with fans. Expect a very, very large crowd.
*It's easy to love the matchup of the Northwestern Offense vs the Morningside Defense. Davis Bloemendaal hasn't lost a game as a starter quarterbacking the Red Raider offense and Brandon Smith is an All-American running back. Put that up against the likes of Colby Henderson and Chris Cavillo and you got yourself an all out battle.
*Joel Nixon, in his second game AT QUARTERBACK for Morningside, must take care of the football. The Red Raiders are going to look to stop the running attack of the Stangs and let Nixon air it out. If Joel can scramble out of the pocket, he will give the NWC defense fits.
*Prediction: Morningside:28 Northwestern:17
*That is all.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hawks, Clones, Skers, and more

*Top 10 Football movies of all time continues with number five being: The Program. I put this movie in for two reasons..A) It's a great football flick and B) If I didn't put this movie in, I would fear for my life knowing that Lattimer would track me down and tear me into pieces. Don't believe me?
Starting Defense!!
*This movie takes us inside the college football life and what really goes on, a must see for any football fan.
*I was in a wedding this weekend. Its day? Saturday(The real opening day of college football) Its time? 3:00(During the Iowa, Iowa State, Nebraska, and UNI game) Of course, I didn't let the groom live it down..he said the bride made the choice for the date and man, you are in for a LONG marriage.
*I went back and watched the games and here are my thoughts from the opening weekend:
*The Big Ten got its grand stage to prove to everyone that they can hang with the SEC. Alabama chuckled at this idea and put the favorite to win the B1G six feet under on national TV. Robinsons Heisman=Bye Bye.
*Iowa has A TON of work to do. Remember though, we all thought the world was coming to an end when the Hawks barely beat UNI in 2009. The Hawks went on to have a pretty good year.
*For what would of been a sixth string running back, Bullock looked solid..not great or spectacular, but solid.
*It was special teams that won that game for Iowa. Meyer with the field goals (tied for most in the nation) and the great play by Castillo pinning Northern Illinois deep.
*For a guy that had the offense down pat, James Vandenberg didn't exactly play "lights out." Now if the guy had some time to pass, maybe he could do better than not even 130 yards passing.
*The O-Line needs work and I don't buy that that's "the best defense Iowa will face all year."
*Iowa did however beat the team with what was the longest winning streak in the country.
*Greg Davis, Iowas new OC, showed us what he likes to run..the question is, do the Hawks have the right tools to make the machine run.
*I'll hit on Iowa State, then get to the Cy-Hawk Game.
*I needed alot of convincing before the Tulsa game that Iowa State was going to win. I didn't get it.
*After being down 16-7, Steele Jantz went into beast mode. Not only that, the defense came around and Shontrelle Johnson ran for 120. Tulsa did make it interesting with a late push, but the Clones were to much.
*Iowa State fans love Dan McCarney. They hate Gene Chizek. That game was a game where BOTH of those gentlemen would of lost. Paul Rhoads does it again in my mind.
*Cody Green looked good in the first quarter, but eventually proved why he couldn't get the job done at Nebraska..dude has trouble with the long ball.
*If Iowa State pulls it out next weekend and Steele Jantz plays a great game (both possible), Jantz might be one of the most hated Cyclones by Iowa fans of all time.
*Iowa is going to have to show so much more then they did on Saturday if they want to win this one..good thing for Hawks, it's in IC.
*Predictions to come later this week.
*My ridiculously blind prediction of Missouri State over Kansas State looked good early in the third quarter as the worst team in the MVC was tied with the 22nd ranked Wildcats. Then Kansas State won the game 51-9. I'm in journalism, not professional betting.
*To Lincoln we go.
*Dear Rex Burkead,
Get better soon.
Nebraska fans everywhere.
*Taylor Martinez walked into the press conference after Saturdays 26-34 354 yard 5 td performance and thought to himself in a Happy Gilmore voice.."Uh-oh, Taylor learned how to pass." #doublepistols
*Husker OC Tim Beck looked like he was in the zone. Great routes by the WR core, the right calls at the right times, and put Martinez in good situations.
*T-Magic's throwing motion has changed for the better, but really, why does it matter what it looks like as long as it gets to where it needs to long as it gets there 70 percent of the time.
*Morningside vs. Northwestern play in Sioux City this Saturday night..what a game that will be. The Mustangs rolled 17th ranked Valley City State 49-7 and the Red Raiders beat up on Southwestern. It will be a huge crowd (the biggest in years at Olsen) and will be a great game.
*More to come throughout the week