Tuesday, September 11, 2012

*Let us roll on with the countdown of the top 10 football movies as we arrive at Number 3: Friday Night Lights.
*I had some very high expectations when it came out to theaters when it came out in 2004. It lived up to them. Billy Bob Thornton was absolutely tremendous playing coach Gaines. The movie puts an exclamation point on the book that was written by Bissenger. It amazes me how much the pictures in the book are so close to the actors in the movies. Usually you see some resemblance, but Derek Luke (who played Boobie) looks like the real Boobie.
*I want to visit Odessa, Texas solely based on this book and movie.
*We are entering the third week of college football...and it feels glorious.
*First and foremost, I would like to apologize to Iowa State fans everywhere for doubting Taylor Nystroms beloved Cyclones. I went against the Clones their first two games and got burned.
*Ever seen the "The Opposite" episode of Seinfeld? Where George is up and Eileen is down and Kramer calls Jerry an "Even Steven"..yea, that one. That was exactly what happened with the Cy-Hawk game over the last two years. Last fall in Ames, we saw the greatest game(depending on who you are) between the two teams. This year?? I could of painted a wall and watched it dry and it would of been more interesting.
*The Cyclones gave every opportunity for Iowa to win the game..the Hawks didn't want it.
*To say Iowa is STRUGGLING on offense is an understatement. Greg Davis wants to take the Iowa offense and mold it into what he had at Texas...Here's the problem..Iowa has the personell to run counters, play-action passes, and having the tight end as their premiere receiving threat. What they're are doing isn't working and it's shaping up like it can be a long year for Iowa fans.
*The Clones defense(mainly their LB's) are as advertised. Paul Rhoads is got something in Ames.
*I don't think Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard gets enough respect. Here's a guy that made some hires that didn't work out (Mac and Chizik) but responded with authority with the hires of the Mayor and Rhoads.
*I said Nebraska would win by 3 touchdowns..I have never been more wrong. UCLA deserved more respect and I was drinking the Husker Kool-Aid. 
*Nebraska has some big problems, especially on the defensive end of the ball.
*What I said about Davis and the Iowa offense..same problem with Nebraska and the defense.
*If you told Nebraska fans that Bo wouldn't have the personnel on the field to fit his type of defense (physical and fundamental), Husker fans wouldn't of bought it.
*The Husker defense was in position to make plays, they didn't.
*To put the blame of the Husker loss on quarterback Taylor Martinez is ridiculous. It falls on the shoulders of Tim Beck and the Nebraska play calling.
*More coming this week.

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