Friday, September 7, 2012

Iowa-Iowa State, Nebraska-UCLA, Morningside-NWC

*As we continue the countdown of the Top 10 greatest sports movies of all time we arrive at number four...Brian's Song.
*If this movie doesn't choke you up, you don't have a heart. I'm going to have to go with the old school version of the flick, and that one alone. When you think of great men throughout time names like Ray Finkle, Danny O'Shea, and Brian Piccolo come to mind.
*This movie doesn't have the most entertainment and is aged with its quality of video, but it's one that will tug at your heart.
*Let's get to it:
*It's one of the biggest weeks in Iowa, second only to the week of the state fair. Iowa-Iowa State. 'Nuff said.
*This is the week where Iowa and Iowa State fans go back and forth, and its so much to sit back and watch the dogs go at it.
*Last year was one of the most entertaining games I can remember between the two teams. Was that a fun game to watch. Steele Jantz put his mark down on the Hawkeyes and it's never going to be erased from Iowa fans minds.
*I cannot remember a game between these two teams that both have been so equally talented!! Iowa State looked very sharp, especially late in the game against Tulsa. Iowa looked poor all the way through against Northern Illinois.
*Remember when Iowa escaped UNI a couple years ago? Remember how BAD that team looked in week one? Yea, they went on to beat Iowa State 35-3. Ouch. Clones, don't let that happen.
*It hasn't been pretty over the last few years in Iowa City for the Cyclones..the last couple of trips east on 80 have resulted in blowouts.
*Here's some keys to the game: Iowa's offensive line has to improve SIGNIFICANTLY. They must protect JVB and give him time to throw. If they control the line of scrimmage, I'm telling you it might be a long day for Iowa State.
*That being said, I think Iowa State needs to control the football...something that shouldn't be a problem. Shontrelle Johnson should rack up over 100 yards again and Steele Jantz looks to eat up the Hawk defense with scrambling out like he did last season.
*The same old song: Turnovers and Special teams..How good was Iowa's special teams last week? Meyer was excellent. Hawks hoping the don't have to use Meyer that much this week. Hawks need 7 if they want to stick with Iowa State.
*Prediction: @tnytro don't hate me Iowa:26 Iowa State:17
*Out West we go...Rex Burkhead is rumored to make the trip..psstttt...Don't play him. If you can't beat UCLA without Rex Burkhead, you don't deserve to be a national contender, something Nebraska wants to be.
*If you want to see a preview of what the game will look like from the Rose Bowl tomorrow night, pop in the 2010 Washington-Nebraska game.
*Martinez will be an early "Heisman candidate" Monday morning..It's going to be his coming home party.
*Gus Johnson is doing play by play of the game on Fox. I'm anxious to watch a game on something other than the four letter network.
*Every Nebraska fan is hoping to hear: "MARTINEZZZZZ TOUCHDOWN!!WELCOME HOME T-MAGIC!!"-Gus Voice.
*Vegas really likes UCLA to stick with Nebraska, thinking that Mora(an X's and 0's) guy will pit his "athletes" and hang with the Big Red. Response to this is Mike Leech at Washington State..just because you have a great coach(and I think that both are) it doesn't mean you waddle in and beat good teams.
*Prediction: Nebraska: 57 UCLA:26
*To the biggest game at Elwood Olsen Stadium in YEARS.
*Morningside hosting Northwestern is going to be a great game. The Red Raiders will send the entire town of Orange City down 75 and "Cheapskate Hill" will be packed with fans. Expect a very, very large crowd.
*It's easy to love the matchup of the Northwestern Offense vs the Morningside Defense. Davis Bloemendaal hasn't lost a game as a starter quarterbacking the Red Raider offense and Brandon Smith is an All-American running back. Put that up against the likes of Colby Henderson and Chris Cavillo and you got yourself an all out battle.
*Joel Nixon, in his second game AT QUARTERBACK for Morningside, must take care of the football. The Red Raiders are going to look to stop the running attack of the Stangs and let Nixon air it out. If Joel can scramble out of the pocket, he will give the NWC defense fits.
*Prediction: Morningside:28 Northwestern:17
*That is all.

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