Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Midweek sports thoughts

*Iowa basketball has a long, long way to go. Again, Woodbury and Gesell cannot graduate early enough if you're Fran.
*Fran was in the house to watch Gesell's South Sioux Cards take on Woody's Raiders from East. THIS is why McCaffery got both players to come to Iowa City, not to Lincoln.
*Every passing year, Nebraska fans will hate Doc more and more for letting one of the best players in their state slip across the river.
*Iowa State showed its true potential in the first half against Iowa. Royce White can score at any point, any time. The question is, does he want to?
*Iowa State is the most talented team in the state, by far. But as we all know, the most talented team doesn't always win. Bring in the Panthers from Northern Iowa.
*Ben Jacobson is taking the same highway that made Coach Mac so successful at the mid-major level. Average athletes, great kids, brilliant basketball smarts. Jacobson was an assistant under Mac and is installing the same system that turned UNI basketball from nothing into a team that no one wanted to play in March.
*UNI is a couple months away from being a tourney team. Hence, the Panthers are going dancing.
*This Tim Tebow mania is nothing, NOTHING, like anything that I've ever seen in my lifetime. If this were a movie, everyone would walk out because no one would believe it could happen in real life.
*It really does seem bizarre doesn't it? How in the heck does Marian Barber run out of bounds? All the guy had to do was run it up the middle, stay in bounds, and the game would of been over. Then, he fumbles in OT and Denver gets the ball back to win it. Of course, there was timeout called before the game-winning field goal so Tebow could switch into Praters jersey and kick the field goal.
*Brady and Co. come to town this weekend. Everyone is saying that this will be a wake up call for the Denver Tebows. Not so fast. Did anyone see Rex Grossman and the WASHINGTON REDSKINS hang with the Pats and take them down to the wire? The New England D is not very good, and Tebow could do some damage. That being said, I think that New England does win.
*Its nice to see that Tom Brady does get mad. In case you missed it
*Speaking of getting mad, a lot of people are upset over the Xavier-Cincy brawl. I don't blame them. If this would of happened anywhere but a basketball court, some would be behind bars. But since it happens on a basketball court, no arrests were made. Makes sense.
*Some of the quotes after the game are more disturbing than their actions on the court. A black eye for college basketball indeed. NCAA...where are we??

Friday, December 2, 2011

Conference games, College hoops, First Snow

*The state of Iowa is expecting its first "snow storm" of the weekend. I, like many others,enjoy the first snowfall of the year. Most of the snow is expected to hit Saturday and with nothing to do, conference football games all day, and hopefully some great Christmas movies on television, I will not be leaving the couch.
*One of those movies that will be watched is Home Alone. #keepthechangeyafilftyanimal Wet Bandits>Sticky Bandits
*How many people are going to be watching the Pac 12 Championship tonight? Its on a Friday night which wont attract a large audience and UCLA is playing in it. Sure, Oregon attracts a nice following, but really UCLA??
*If Georgia were to beat LSU, the BCS computers would blow up. Hey, I've seen crazier happen.
*Rumors are that Nebraska D-Cord. Carl Pelini is leaving Lincoln and taking the job at FAU. Let the Pelini coaching carousal begin. Bo is late to the fair but will be hopping on board shortly.
*Someone was telling me the other day they thought Harrison Barnes was a good player in college but would not be able to make it in the NBA. I couldn't disagree more. I think Harrison will be a great player at the next level.
*Every day that goes by, that Ames team looks better and better from a few seasons back. Obviously, we knew how special of a player Barnes was. But look what McDermott has done at Creighton. Bubu gets some good minutes at ISU. Speaking of Creighton, look how much talent they've taken from the state of Iowa. People harp on Roy Williams getting Iowas gems but Creighton has pulled in Korver, Funk, and now McDermott. Not a bad trio.
*I think Wisconsin will win by 2 touchdowns plus this weekend.
*Aaron Rodgers is a great, great player. The Packers say they're not worried about going 16-0, just 12-0.
*The Buffalo Bills mojo has ran out. They will be lucky to get 7 wins, after starting 5-2. As I've always said, it takes a good team to win the Super Bowl, but it takes a great, a truly talented franchise to go to four straight Super Bowls...and lose all four.
*Ohio State is the best college basketball team in the country.
*Iowa State had talks of going to the NCAA Tournament. If you cannot beat Drake and UNI, you do not deserve to play in the tourny.
*Iowa basketball had some hopes of improving this season. They have a long way to go. Woodbury and Gesell can only do so much as they're eying down state titles

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clones shock the world,Worst loss in the Ferentz era, and Sexy Rexy and the Blackshirts rise up

*I'm one of few who thought that Iowa State would go down to Lubbuck and pull out a victory over a top 20 team. Texas Tech was coming off that huge win over Oklahoma and left all that momentum in Norman. Jared Barnett played a solid, conservative game against the Red Raiders, something Iowa State hasn't seen all season from the QB spot. He managed the game and left the Tech fans stunned. Congrats to the Clones.
*This is the biggest statement sent by Iowa State in a long, long time. Yes, those Iowa wins were nice. But those games are almost to be expected by this time. The Nebraska game was nice two years ago but that was Nebraska turning the ball over NINE times more than Iowa State winning. Texas last year was a shock to everyone but it got washed out with every game the Horns lost last year. Don't get me wrong, those wins were huge for Paul Rhoads and this Iowa State team. Its just hard to remember another game like the one Saturday night in recent history.
*Clone fans have a reason to be excited. Each year Iowa State is improving and could you root for a better guy than Paul Rhoads? It will still be tough for Iowa State to make a bowl game. I HOPE HOPE HOPE for Iowa State's sake that they do not turn around and lose in typical Clone fashion to Kansas.
*We talked with Jamie Pollard on the show in the early fall. I could not get over the fact of how cheap Iowa State tickets were when glancing at the schedule. As the season goes on, it proves I was on to something. Iowa State just announced that its game with Oklahoma State @ The Jack is set for 7 p.m. on ESPN.
*Where can you even start with Iowa. Usually, their fans(like most fan bases) will find a million excuses to why their Hawks couldn't win. After the loss to at the time 1-6..1-6!!! Minnesota, Iowa fans were so shell-shocked they didn't even want to talk about the game. Iowa fans walked around like they had just seen a ghost. I don't blame them...1-6!
*A couple weeks ago, I claimed that if Iowa were to lose to Northwestern it would be the worst loss in the Ferentz era. Iowa, of course, went on to win. Why settle for Angel Food Cake when you can have Angel Food Cake with frosting and strawberries on top with ice cream, chocolate syrup, and a cherry on top all on one plate. If you get my metaphor, that's how bad it was. Minnesota should never been in that game.
*How do you lose a game when you have a the all-time leader TD reception to wear black and gold playing and a running back who goes for easily over 200 yards? AND the other team only scores 22 points?
*Hawk fans have a reason to be furious with the coaching staff. Last week, I stated that Iowa, in typical Hawkeye fashion, could run the table until the Nebraska game. Again, the cake metaphor. This loss was the definition of "Typical Iowa Football".
*Rex Burkhead spells Nebraska football. You had a feeling when this kid came in that he would be something special. The guy is a warrior on the field. He will break your back for you and Husker fans know it. However, that's not why Nebraska fans love him. During the "Glory Days" of Nebraska football, there was a Rex before Rex. His name was Brook Berringer. Brook, as Husker fans know, was a key part to winning their back-to-back National Championships in the mid-90's. Although he didn't play much as he sat behind Tommie Frazier, Brook will go down in most Husker fans book as one of the greatest to wear scarlet and cream due to his off the field actions. Watch both the stories below and see if you can see any similarities. Story on Rex from KETV:
Story on Brook from ESPN:
*The Blackshirts finally looked like themselves on Saturday. Kirk Cousins is a classy guy and you had to feel sorry for him as his wide receivers simply could not get open this season. Credit the defense for playing its best game all season.
*NBC needs a good Sunday Night Game. They do the best job out of all the networks that cover the games and are in desperate need of a thrilling game. Its nice to sit down on Sunday night after a long weekend, order a pizza pie, and watch some good football. The last two weeks have not resulted in good football.
*Tim Tebow got a wake up call this past weekend. With "Tebowing" sweeping the nation by storm, Tebow backers are at an all-time high. Should be a fun ride the rest of the season.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To television, College football thoughts, and the high school football playoffs start

*The show has moved to television AND radio now. This is big for myself and everybody involved. Of course, you can watch live from 3-5 on Channel 12 in Sioux City every Wednesday. And if you need to run to the store, 92.9 works as well. A shout out to Chris Levine for putting in a lot of work to get us on television. Of course, Ryan does a great job giving you the weather and playing some good tunes (with my assistance).
*The Morningside football team have things rolling. After overcoming some key injuries, a quarterback change, and a Hail Mary, Morningside has climbed up in the rankings to number six in the latest NAIA polls. With the remaining schedule, the Mustangs should run the table until the playoffs.
*Nebraska got two bye weeks in a row. If you want to be nice about it, the Huskers had a bye week and then a nice tune up game against the Golden Gophers. Good thing. Michigan State comes to town on Saturday.
*A lot of Nebraska fans are upset that the game is an 11 a.m. kick. 2:30 or prime time would be nice but it seems like forever since Nebraska has had a game start at that time. It will be nice to wake up, watch the game, and have time to do other things on a Saturday evening.
*This game reminds me a lot to the Missouri game last year. Missouri, a talented team with a great drop-back passer, comes into Lincoln to an amped up crowd to get punched in the mouth. Hawkeye fans can relate. That Missouri-Nebraska game last year..same weekend AND time as that BEAT DOWN Iowa put on the Spartans in Kinnick.
*Speaking of the Hawks, Marvin McNutt is a stud. Its nice for JVB to come in and have such a great player and leader of this Hawkeye team be his go-to-guy.
*Iowa needs to put a complete game together. That defense lost a lot of talent last spring and their showing it.Kirk and the boys did catch a break with their schedule and in typical Hawkeye fashion, it would not surprise me if Iowa ran the table going into the Nebraska game.
*Iowa State and Paul Rhoads are not packing in the bags just yet. I don't think a Paul Rhoads team will EVER give up. However, its going to be tough not to. With a possible 4th win against Kansas ahead, the Clones play Texas Tech(just beat Oklahoma), Oklahoma(top 10 team), Oklahoma State(top 5 team), and Kansas State(currently a top 10 but will drop soon like a bad habit). I wish Iowa State luck but Clone fans cant help it but look forward to the basketball season.
*I'll get into the NFL more in the show and next weeks blog but the Packers really do stand a good chance at going undefeated. Brett Fahvera who? "I'm a Niners fan!"
*I hope the Buffalo Bills can continue this "dream season." It is always nice to see teams that don't EVER do good. It brings 10 years of excitement out and the people around you know it.
*Its hard to believe but the high school playoffs are getting underway tomorrow night. I think there are just too many teams in the playoffs. What 3A(before they expanded the field) used to do was have two districts match-up and have the district runner-ups play @ the district winners. Even so, it is an exciting time for all with the goal of one thing in each teams mind: DOME

Friday, September 9, 2011

USA, Hashtags, and football thoughts

*This Sunday will mark the 10-year anniversary of the September 11th tragedies. Like most people I remember where I was on that very day. Take some time not only to reflect on where you were but also how grateful and lucky you are to live in the United States of America. Be thankful for the things that this great country has provided you, even if you haven't fully taken advantage of the American Dream.
*Hashtags are getting #outofcontrol.
*I didn't post this past Monday or Wednesday, as I usually do, so prepare for a lot of football talk.
*What a way to start the NFL season. The Saints look like they can certainly contend for a Super Bowl run, but you have to like the swagger from the Packers. Aaron Rogers post-game thoughts were great. Cocky-maybe. True? Definitely.
*Clay Matthews is Awesome, with a capital A. Simple as that.
*It is too bad that promising Iowa freshman Mika'il McCall went down with a season-ending injury. Ferentz will find another back, as Iowa always does.  
*Iowa players(and fans) had to deal a monsoon that was last Saturday. As Hawkeye great Tyler Sash would say, "#GBNB"
*Iowa State was lucky to get past UNI. UNI is no joke. Can't people finally come to grips with that?
*Hopefully Steele Jantz shook off all the jitters last Saturday night. Broderick Binns will be waiting.
*The Iowa-Iowa State game is going to be a great atmosphere, as usual. Not that Kinnick lacks, but whenever the game is at Jack Trice it goes a couple more meters on the intensity meter. 
*I want to see this Jumbotron. 
*Nebraska looks good on defense. If you're a good, high school defensive player, go to Nebraska, and become an NFL Draft pick. It's what the Pelini brothers do.
*People need to back off of Taylor Martinez. He's 20 years old, with his 21st coming next week. Give him a present by getting off of his case. A healthy T-Mart might be the difference of a Husker team that could contend for a B1G Title (even National Title) to a 8 win season.
*Rex Burkhead spells Nebraska football.
*What Boise State does is brilliant. Schedule a HUGE game across the states, prepare for them all summer, beat the opponent soundly, and sleep walk to a BCS game. Simply brilliant. However, when will they get a chance to play in the National Championship?
*I like watching (and rooting for)BYU. How good would Jimmy Fredette be at football? What position would he play? Food for thought.
*Finally a Sunday where I can roll over in bed from a long Saturday night and turn on some Foosball. The Bills will be on T.V. in my area for the only time this season. The Bills? It's true. As I always say, "A good team can win a Super Bowl but it takes a truly talented team to go to four straight Super Bowls...and lose all four."
*Gus Johnson is no longer calling games on CBS. "HEARTBREAK CITY!"  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

P90x,Football Predictions, and Hawkeye

*As I'm typing this my body is recovering from the intense workout of Plyometrics in the P90x program. If you want to get into better shape, with commitment to the workouts AND to your diet, you can change your life. If you have any doubts about P90x put them to rest. Its the real deal.
*As a Husker fan, I want to see the score be 28-0 Big Red after 15 minutes of play with the same number at quarterback starting the second quarter. No need for Martinez to go down. Speaking of which, Bo Pelini was on The Jim Rome Show today talking about Taylor. And Bo was....complimenting Martinez? Lets hope the magic is back..for good. Bo sure does seem to get along good with Rome. Hes visited "The Jungle" a few times before and him and Jim seem to have a good connection. Husker media..take notes.
*Iowa should and will win big. The Hawkeyes (like most teams) understand that with their conference being so good, that they can schedule high school teams to start off the year. The Clones will be waiting in Ames.
*UNI-Iowa State is quickly becoming a great, in-state battle. Over 50,000 expected in Ames Saturday night to see the scoreboard and ready to hear the coolest quarterback name said across the booming P.A. system. Steele Jantz. Hopefully Jamie Pollard is right and we will be able to hear it in Sioux City. It would be nice, but wont happen, if Pollard would throw UNI a bone and go up and play the Panthers in the dome. Just a thought.
*Iowa is taking all the proper steps with fallen Navy Seal Jon Tumilso. The idea has been brought up of his dog, Hawkeye, leading the team onto the field. It would be a spine-chilling sight but sounds like it wont happen until November. Go USA.

Monday, August 29, 2011

College pigskin kicks off this week

*Post number 2 and it felt good to get the monkey off the back. A little less high school football and more college chatter. Although, is there a team out there that you want to see win more than Aplington-Parkersburg. After the devastation of an F-5 tornado barreling through, it was hard to imagine that the worse was yet to come. It was a SHOCK to the state when the news of Ed Thomas's death spread. The towns that make up the Falcons show that they can make it through anything. The Falcons were preseason ranked fourth in the Des Moines Register. These towns deserve a state football title. Good luck to A-P.
*Husker, Hawks, and Clones predictions all coming Wednesday. It came out today that Taylor Martinez is going to have a lot of control over Tim Beck's offense. Smart move. At least it should be better than zone read for every play.
*Hawk fans need to take it easy with their expectations on James Vandenberg. Will he be a good quarterback? More than likely. Will he win the Heisman this year? Probably not. Hawk fans aren't talking Heisman, but before we call him the second coming of Drew Tate, lets take it easy. Yes, JVB played very well when the Most Patriot QB of all time was down at The Shoe. But didn't Garrett Gilbert play well in the National Championship for Texas when Colt McCoy was down. It was announced that he was going to start in week one for the Horns. 17 picks last year for Gilbert to 10 tds. Yikes.
*Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard was on the show today and seemed very excited about the new scoreboard. I claimed you could see it from Polk City. He claimed you could hear it in Sioux City. Good interview and a class act.
* I think playing UNI isn't a walk in the park for any program. As Iowa found out 2 seasons ago, the Panthers come to play. Going back to the Clones, can they catch a break? The schedule an "easy win" 10 years ago to a backyard battle. Lets see what Steele Jantz is all about. We know he has a sweet name and haircut, but can the kid play "Big boy ball."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School starts...and so does football

IT is truly the best time of the year. The kids are back to school and that can only mean one thing. Football. Some Iowa high school teams kicked off their season last week in week..0? Zero means nothing but don't tell that to the teams in action last week. If not THE biggest game of the regular season, certainly one of the few, took place before week one. West Des Moines Valley and West Des Moines Dowling clashed at Drake Stadium to a riled up crowd of around 10,000. On a more local scale, Sioux City East hosted Sioux City Bishop Heelan in another city rivalry that disappoint. Do fans like seeing these epic battles early in the season? Valley and Dowling almost always matchup in the playoffs but with East being 4-A and Heelan being 3-A you only get one shot at your rival. With Heelan winning 20-18, I'm sure the Crusaders are just fine with that.
The big story of the short week has been that of the Iowa-Iowa State trophy. Previously something that looked like it was made in a shop class, many fans had high expectations when they decided to change it. But to some, no, most people the new trophy just didn't satisfy. People were outraged! No this isn't going to make national sports radio but when you get the Iowa governor involved, it gets serious. Instead of taking the stance of putting their head in the sand and ignoring the bad pub, the Iowa Corn Growers handled it professionally and made the announcement that they are going to change it, with input from both fans. Smart move. I heard someone say that this was done on purpose and everything is going just the way the ICG expected. Not sure if I buy that. But look at the NFL. Several months of bad publicity, one good move, and of the biggest seasons to remember. More institutions might start taking the rout of getting some swear words thrown at them, make a monumental P.R. move, and then become the heroes. I don't advise it.
Steele Jantz was named the quarterback for head coach Paul Rhoads and the Cyclones. Jantz beat out Jerome Tiller. Too most Clone fans this really isn't a shocker. What is is that Tiller is academically ineligible. Jantz might not only have the coolest name on the Cyclone roster, but maybe even the best haircut.
More to come on the Hawks and Huskers next Monday.