Friday, December 2, 2011

Conference games, College hoops, First Snow

*The state of Iowa is expecting its first "snow storm" of the weekend. I, like many others,enjoy the first snowfall of the year. Most of the snow is expected to hit Saturday and with nothing to do, conference football games all day, and hopefully some great Christmas movies on television, I will not be leaving the couch.
*One of those movies that will be watched is Home Alone. #keepthechangeyafilftyanimal Wet Bandits>Sticky Bandits
*How many people are going to be watching the Pac 12 Championship tonight? Its on a Friday night which wont attract a large audience and UCLA is playing in it. Sure, Oregon attracts a nice following, but really UCLA??
*If Georgia were to beat LSU, the BCS computers would blow up. Hey, I've seen crazier happen.
*Rumors are that Nebraska D-Cord. Carl Pelini is leaving Lincoln and taking the job at FAU. Let the Pelini coaching carousal begin. Bo is late to the fair but will be hopping on board shortly.
*Someone was telling me the other day they thought Harrison Barnes was a good player in college but would not be able to make it in the NBA. I couldn't disagree more. I think Harrison will be a great player at the next level.
*Every day that goes by, that Ames team looks better and better from a few seasons back. Obviously, we knew how special of a player Barnes was. But look what McDermott has done at Creighton. Bubu gets some good minutes at ISU. Speaking of Creighton, look how much talent they've taken from the state of Iowa. People harp on Roy Williams getting Iowas gems but Creighton has pulled in Korver, Funk, and now McDermott. Not a bad trio.
*I think Wisconsin will win by 2 touchdowns plus this weekend.
*Aaron Rodgers is a great, great player. The Packers say they're not worried about going 16-0, just 12-0.
*The Buffalo Bills mojo has ran out. They will be lucky to get 7 wins, after starting 5-2. As I've always said, it takes a good team to win the Super Bowl, but it takes a great, a truly talented franchise to go to four straight Super Bowls...and lose all four.
*Ohio State is the best college basketball team in the country.
*Iowa State had talks of going to the NCAA Tournament. If you cannot beat Drake and UNI, you do not deserve to play in the tourny.
*Iowa basketball had some hopes of improving this season. They have a long way to go. Woodbury and Gesell can only do so much as they're eying down state titles

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