Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Midweek sports thoughts

*Iowa basketball has a long, long way to go. Again, Woodbury and Gesell cannot graduate early enough if you're Fran.
*Fran was in the house to watch Gesell's South Sioux Cards take on Woody's Raiders from East. THIS is why McCaffery got both players to come to Iowa City, not to Lincoln.
*Every passing year, Nebraska fans will hate Doc more and more for letting one of the best players in their state slip across the river.
*Iowa State showed its true potential in the first half against Iowa. Royce White can score at any point, any time. The question is, does he want to?
*Iowa State is the most talented team in the state, by far. But as we all know, the most talented team doesn't always win. Bring in the Panthers from Northern Iowa.
*Ben Jacobson is taking the same highway that made Coach Mac so successful at the mid-major level. Average athletes, great kids, brilliant basketball smarts. Jacobson was an assistant under Mac and is installing the same system that turned UNI basketball from nothing into a team that no one wanted to play in March.
*UNI is a couple months away from being a tourney team. Hence, the Panthers are going dancing.
*This Tim Tebow mania is nothing, NOTHING, like anything that I've ever seen in my lifetime. If this were a movie, everyone would walk out because no one would believe it could happen in real life.
*It really does seem bizarre doesn't it? How in the heck does Marian Barber run out of bounds? All the guy had to do was run it up the middle, stay in bounds, and the game would of been over. Then, he fumbles in OT and Denver gets the ball back to win it. Of course, there was timeout called before the game-winning field goal so Tebow could switch into Praters jersey and kick the field goal.
*Brady and Co. come to town this weekend. Everyone is saying that this will be a wake up call for the Denver Tebows. Not so fast. Did anyone see Rex Grossman and the WASHINGTON REDSKINS hang with the Pats and take them down to the wire? The New England D is not very good, and Tebow could do some damage. That being said, I think that New England does win.
*Its nice to see that Tom Brady does get mad. In case you missed it
*Speaking of getting mad, a lot of people are upset over the Xavier-Cincy brawl. I don't blame them. If this would of happened anywhere but a basketball court, some would be behind bars. But since it happens on a basketball court, no arrests were made. Makes sense.
*Some of the quotes after the game are more disturbing than their actions on the court. A black eye for college basketball indeed. NCAA...where are we??

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