Monday, July 30, 2012

Football is among us, Olympic talk, and Penn State thoughts

*The fact that most conferences around college football have had their media days is exciting. It means college football, the greatest sport in the world, is right around the corner.
*Bo Pelini and the media go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. That guy loves the media so much, I'm sure all the sports reporters in Lincoln and Omaha get a Christmas card from The Pelini's every year.
*It would not be a B1G Media Days without Bo dropping the term "process" or "attention to detail." We got one.
*Some people think this is a "make or break" year for Bo. I don't think it's that extreme. Here's my expectations for Bo's Huskers(as it has been the last 3 years under the Pelini era): 11 wins would be surprising, Husker fans would take 10 wins, 9 wins the conservative guess, and 8 wins is disappointing.
*Hold the phone right there Husker fans. Husker fans would "take 10 wins." Remember Frank Solich did that year in and year out and got fired. I'm not sticking up for Solich because that train was headed down the wrong track when the Osborne players were graduated. But the Callahan era is over and if Husker fans thought 9 wins wasn't good enough with Solich, they need to stick to their guns and say the same for Pelini.
*Talking with Hawkeye fans, they think this year is going to be very, very interesting.
*As I'm writing this, at the rate it's been going for Iowa, another one of their running backs is getting arrested. The curse lives on.
*Ferentz has had no problem kicking players off his team when they have ran into problems with the law. That is a good thing. The bad thing is them getting into trouble. I know the stories about Iowa City but come on.
*I think the fact that Greg Davis is the offensive coordinator complimenting what Iowa has coming back on offense is promising. Vandenberg is a smart enough kid that he can get the playbook down going into his senior year. With a strong receiving core, Iowa might be passing even more than last year.
*Nothing is ever set in stone as a win when you're a Hawkeye football fan. However, the schedule is favorable not only in the non-conference but conference play as well.
*Much more on Iowa State next week, but I think it's great how they were the darling at the Big 12 Media Days.
*The Olympics is a great time for the world to come together and for us, as Americans, to swell up with pride for our country.
*Now more than ever, the tape-delay thing is frustrating. I can't get on my Twitter timeline without seeing who won gold, and it not being able to watch it on "quality" TV for another six hours. I guess that's what happens when you follow over 900 people, most of them sports people on Twitter.
*I got to do a story on A.G. Kruger and Derek Miles this past week, both locals who will be competing in the Olympics. Let's just say I will be yelling at the TV cheering them on. (Kruger went to Morningside, originally from Sheldon will be in the Hammer Throw. Miles is a pole vaulter who an assistant coach at USD, also nearing the age of 40.)
*Bo Pelini is taking the right stance on Penn State players. It doesn't surprise me that teams are making a push to get their players but I don't see it as right. Other programs don't care what has happened, but if they see a chance for themselves to make their team better, they'll do it.
*When was the last time people talked about the Ohio State scandal from last summer. We tend to forget things really fast...especially when it comes to college football.
*I love the fact NBC is opening up with its coverage of the NFL on a Wednesday night. Ratings will be high for that game (Giants vs. The Boys) but give me Pittsburgh and Denver the following Sunday night. Can't wait.

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