Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clones shock the world,Worst loss in the Ferentz era, and Sexy Rexy and the Blackshirts rise up

*I'm one of few who thought that Iowa State would go down to Lubbuck and pull out a victory over a top 20 team. Texas Tech was coming off that huge win over Oklahoma and left all that momentum in Norman. Jared Barnett played a solid, conservative game against the Red Raiders, something Iowa State hasn't seen all season from the QB spot. He managed the game and left the Tech fans stunned. Congrats to the Clones.
*This is the biggest statement sent by Iowa State in a long, long time. Yes, those Iowa wins were nice. But those games are almost to be expected by this time. The Nebraska game was nice two years ago but that was Nebraska turning the ball over NINE times more than Iowa State winning. Texas last year was a shock to everyone but it got washed out with every game the Horns lost last year. Don't get me wrong, those wins were huge for Paul Rhoads and this Iowa State team. Its just hard to remember another game like the one Saturday night in recent history.
*Clone fans have a reason to be excited. Each year Iowa State is improving and could you root for a better guy than Paul Rhoads? It will still be tough for Iowa State to make a bowl game. I HOPE HOPE HOPE for Iowa State's sake that they do not turn around and lose in typical Clone fashion to Kansas.
*We talked with Jamie Pollard on the show in the early fall. I could not get over the fact of how cheap Iowa State tickets were when glancing at the schedule. As the season goes on, it proves I was on to something. Iowa State just announced that its game with Oklahoma State @ The Jack is set for 7 p.m. on ESPN.
*Where can you even start with Iowa. Usually, their fans(like most fan bases) will find a million excuses to why their Hawks couldn't win. After the loss to at the time 1-6..1-6!!! Minnesota, Iowa fans were so shell-shocked they didn't even want to talk about the game. Iowa fans walked around like they had just seen a ghost. I don't blame them...1-6!
*A couple weeks ago, I claimed that if Iowa were to lose to Northwestern it would be the worst loss in the Ferentz era. Iowa, of course, went on to win. Why settle for Angel Food Cake when you can have Angel Food Cake with frosting and strawberries on top with ice cream, chocolate syrup, and a cherry on top all on one plate. If you get my metaphor, that's how bad it was. Minnesota should never been in that game.
*How do you lose a game when you have a the all-time leader TD reception to wear black and gold playing and a running back who goes for easily over 200 yards? AND the other team only scores 22 points?
*Hawk fans have a reason to be furious with the coaching staff. Last week, I stated that Iowa, in typical Hawkeye fashion, could run the table until the Nebraska game. Again, the cake metaphor. This loss was the definition of "Typical Iowa Football".
*Rex Burkhead spells Nebraska football. You had a feeling when this kid came in that he would be something special. The guy is a warrior on the field. He will break your back for you and Husker fans know it. However, that's not why Nebraska fans love him. During the "Glory Days" of Nebraska football, there was a Rex before Rex. His name was Brook Berringer. Brook, as Husker fans know, was a key part to winning their back-to-back National Championships in the mid-90's. Although he didn't play much as he sat behind Tommie Frazier, Brook will go down in most Husker fans book as one of the greatest to wear scarlet and cream due to his off the field actions. Watch both the stories below and see if you can see any similarities. Story on Rex from KETV:
Story on Brook from ESPN:
*The Blackshirts finally looked like themselves on Saturday. Kirk Cousins is a classy guy and you had to feel sorry for him as his wide receivers simply could not get open this season. Credit the defense for playing its best game all season.
*NBC needs a good Sunday Night Game. They do the best job out of all the networks that cover the games and are in desperate need of a thrilling game. Its nice to sit down on Sunday night after a long weekend, order a pizza pie, and watch some good football. The last two weeks have not resulted in good football.
*Tim Tebow got a wake up call this past weekend. With "Tebowing" sweeping the nation by storm, Tebow backers are at an all-time high. Should be a fun ride the rest of the season.

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