Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To television, College football thoughts, and the high school football playoffs start

*The show has moved to television AND radio now. This is big for myself and everybody involved. Of course, you can watch live from 3-5 on Channel 12 in Sioux City every Wednesday. And if you need to run to the store, 92.9 works as well. A shout out to Chris Levine for putting in a lot of work to get us on television. Of course, Ryan does a great job giving you the weather and playing some good tunes (with my assistance).
*The Morningside football team have things rolling. After overcoming some key injuries, a quarterback change, and a Hail Mary, Morningside has climbed up in the rankings to number six in the latest NAIA polls. With the remaining schedule, the Mustangs should run the table until the playoffs.
*Nebraska got two bye weeks in a row. If you want to be nice about it, the Huskers had a bye week and then a nice tune up game against the Golden Gophers. Good thing. Michigan State comes to town on Saturday.
*A lot of Nebraska fans are upset that the game is an 11 a.m. kick. 2:30 or prime time would be nice but it seems like forever since Nebraska has had a game start at that time. It will be nice to wake up, watch the game, and have time to do other things on a Saturday evening.
*This game reminds me a lot to the Missouri game last year. Missouri, a talented team with a great drop-back passer, comes into Lincoln to an amped up crowd to get punched in the mouth. Hawkeye fans can relate. That Missouri-Nebraska game last year..same weekend AND time as that BEAT DOWN Iowa put on the Spartans in Kinnick.
*Speaking of the Hawks, Marvin McNutt is a stud. Its nice for JVB to come in and have such a great player and leader of this Hawkeye team be his go-to-guy.
*Iowa needs to put a complete game together. That defense lost a lot of talent last spring and their showing it.Kirk and the boys did catch a break with their schedule and in typical Hawkeye fashion, it would not surprise me if Iowa ran the table going into the Nebraska game.
*Iowa State and Paul Rhoads are not packing in the bags just yet. I don't think a Paul Rhoads team will EVER give up. However, its going to be tough not to. With a possible 4th win against Kansas ahead, the Clones play Texas Tech(just beat Oklahoma), Oklahoma(top 10 team), Oklahoma State(top 5 team), and Kansas State(currently a top 10 but will drop soon like a bad habit). I wish Iowa State luck but Clone fans cant help it but look forward to the basketball season.
*I'll get into the NFL more in the show and next weeks blog but the Packers really do stand a good chance at going undefeated. Brett Fahvera who? "I'm a Niners fan!"
*I hope the Buffalo Bills can continue this "dream season." It is always nice to see teams that don't EVER do good..do good. It brings 10 years of excitement out and the people around you know it.
*Its hard to believe but the high school playoffs are getting underway tomorrow night. I think there are just too many teams in the playoffs. What 3A(before they expanded the field) used to do was have two districts match-up and have the district runner-ups play @ the district winners. Even so, it is an exciting time for all with the goal of one thing in each teams mind: DOME

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