Friday, September 9, 2011

USA, Hashtags, and football thoughts

*This Sunday will mark the 10-year anniversary of the September 11th tragedies. Like most people I remember where I was on that very day. Take some time not only to reflect on where you were but also how grateful and lucky you are to live in the United States of America. Be thankful for the things that this great country has provided you, even if you haven't fully taken advantage of the American Dream.
*Hashtags are getting #outofcontrol.
*I didn't post this past Monday or Wednesday, as I usually do, so prepare for a lot of football talk.
*What a way to start the NFL season. The Saints look like they can certainly contend for a Super Bowl run, but you have to like the swagger from the Packers. Aaron Rogers post-game thoughts were great. Cocky-maybe. True? Definitely.
*Clay Matthews is Awesome, with a capital A. Simple as that.
*It is too bad that promising Iowa freshman Mika'il McCall went down with a season-ending injury. Ferentz will find another back, as Iowa always does.  
*Iowa players(and fans) had to deal a monsoon that was last Saturday. As Hawkeye great Tyler Sash would say, "#GBNB"
*Iowa State was lucky to get past UNI. UNI is no joke. Can't people finally come to grips with that?
*Hopefully Steele Jantz shook off all the jitters last Saturday night. Broderick Binns will be waiting.
*The Iowa-Iowa State game is going to be a great atmosphere, as usual. Not that Kinnick lacks, but whenever the game is at Jack Trice it goes a couple more meters on the intensity meter. 
*I want to see this Jumbotron. 
*Nebraska looks good on defense. If you're a good, high school defensive player, go to Nebraska, and become an NFL Draft pick. It's what the Pelini brothers do.
*People need to back off of Taylor Martinez. He's 20 years old, with his 21st coming next week. Give him a present by getting off of his case. A healthy T-Mart might be the difference of a Husker team that could contend for a B1G Title (even National Title) to a 8 win season.
*Rex Burkhead spells Nebraska football.
*What Boise State does is brilliant. Schedule a HUGE game across the states, prepare for them all summer, beat the opponent soundly, and sleep walk to a BCS game. Simply brilliant. However, when will they get a chance to play in the National Championship?
*I like watching (and rooting for)BYU. How good would Jimmy Fredette be at football? What position would he play? Food for thought.
*Finally a Sunday where I can roll over in bed from a long Saturday night and turn on some Foosball. The Bills will be on T.V. in my area for the only time this season. The Bills? It's true. As I always say, "A good team can win a Super Bowl but it takes a truly talented team to go to four straight Super Bowls...and lose all four."
*Gus Johnson is no longer calling games on CBS. "HEARTBREAK CITY!"  Enjoy!

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