Monday, August 29, 2011

College pigskin kicks off this week

*Post number 2 and it felt good to get the monkey off the back. A little less high school football and more college chatter. Although, is there a team out there that you want to see win more than Aplington-Parkersburg. After the devastation of an F-5 tornado barreling through, it was hard to imagine that the worse was yet to come. It was a SHOCK to the state when the news of Ed Thomas's death spread. The towns that make up the Falcons show that they can make it through anything. The Falcons were preseason ranked fourth in the Des Moines Register. These towns deserve a state football title. Good luck to A-P.
*Husker, Hawks, and Clones predictions all coming Wednesday. It came out today that Taylor Martinez is going to have a lot of control over Tim Beck's offense. Smart move. At least it should be better than zone read for every play.
*Hawk fans need to take it easy with their expectations on James Vandenberg. Will he be a good quarterback? More than likely. Will he win the Heisman this year? Probably not. Hawk fans aren't talking Heisman, but before we call him the second coming of Drew Tate, lets take it easy. Yes, JVB played very well when the Most Patriot QB of all time was down at The Shoe. But didn't Garrett Gilbert play well in the National Championship for Texas when Colt McCoy was down. It was announced that he was going to start in week one for the Horns. 17 picks last year for Gilbert to 10 tds. Yikes.
*Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard was on the show today and seemed very excited about the new scoreboard. I claimed you could see it from Polk City. He claimed you could hear it in Sioux City. Good interview and a class act.
* I think playing UNI isn't a walk in the park for any program. As Iowa found out 2 seasons ago, the Panthers come to play. Going back to the Clones, can they catch a break? The schedule an "easy win" 10 years ago to a backyard battle. Lets see what Steele Jantz is all about. We know he has a sweet name and haircut, but can the kid play "Big boy ball."

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  1. I feel if the Huskers stay injury free they will beat Iowa the last game of the year to advance to the Big Ten Championship with a rematch vs Wisconsin. Hopefully they pull it off!