Friday, September 28, 2012

Huskers-Badgers, Tunnel Walk vs. Jump Around, Tom Osborne, Iowa 10 years ago, Is Iowa State taking over the state?

*Greetings my friends
*Today is a good day 1.)It's Friday 2.)It's Football Season 3.)Last night, Washington beat Stanford and last year Nebraska beat Washington and since Iowa played Nebraska last year, that means Iowa is a BCS team this year.
*Let us get to it.
*Number 2 on the Top 10 football movies of all time countdown: Remember the Titans. This movie might have a strong case for number 1 but a "5 foot nothin, 100 and nothin" dude won't let that happen.
*This movie has everything you need, football fan or not. With legends like Coach Boone and YOAST!! to Julius Campbell and Sunshine, if this movie doesn't make you choke up, well you can go hang out with Coach Taber.
*What's your favorite part of the movie? Too many for me to name.
*The Nebraska-Wisconsin game has lost a lot of interest from a national standpoint, but for the Nebraska players it hasn't. Although some would compare it to the Texas game, I don't buy that. It seems like the Huskers are a little more business like this time around.
*Wisconsin is bad but I don't think they're as bad as people make them out to be. Nebraska should win by 14 plus, but they won't. My prediction, 26-19 Huskers. Don't ask me how the Badgers get 19, it's the Big Ten..probably a safety, a field goal, a touchdown and a missed PAT, with a touchdown and a two point conversion-That's how the Big Ten rolls...UGLY.
*Tunnel Walk>Jump Around
*Iowa fans...remember 10 years ago when you played Minnesota-How could you forget..tearing down the goalposts in the Metrodome and trying to take them out the door with you back to Iowa City. Nebraska had 6 losses..Iowa State was losing to UCONN before UCONN football was UCONN football..times were good Hawk fans. What happened?
*Last week it was hard to watch the Hawks. No doubt Iowa played a large part into losing that game..but credit CMU-They came in and played outstanding.
*Iowa fans..Why isn't Captain Kirk on the hot seat? Yea, it's been whispered around but it should be shouted. It seems like Iowa fans are afraid that they lose Kirk, they will lose everything that was built with Coach Fry and himself.
*It seems like more and more, coaches are playing to deep into the game (Kirk and Stoops) and it's starting to backfire on them. No doubt Ferentz can coach..look how he turned it around..but when is it time to start thinking about a change? GD is new to the offense, I get that. But how long to give that, 3 years? By then is just getting to a bowl game good enough?
*Hawk fans please give me some feedback: @DanCoreyKTIV or on the Facebook page.
*At this point, I think they redshirt Michael Malloy.
*Iowa State more win and you're in the Top 25-How does that feel?
*Speaking of which, can Nebraska have Jamie Pollard? I'll never say anything bad about that guy and what he's done for Iowa State athletics.
*And if KF is eventually out in IC, there is no way CPR goes to "the dark side" is there?
*Texas Tech is not the Tech of old..but they have some weapons..a veteran qb, can he handle the "dynamic duo" of the ISU LB's. Should be a great game.
*Tom Osborne is getting out of the game and it has been a great ride for TO. He channeled his faith into coaching and teaching boys how to become men. 
*The replacement refs are gone and Ed Hochulis biceps are back. Now we get on with the biggest empire in the world. 
*Morningside QB Joel Nixon might be the answer the Mustangs have been looking for..One of the best D's in quite sometime(and that's saying something) Nixon is 30-0 in his last 30 starts at QB. Guy knows how to win.
*Have a great weekend everyone.

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