Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Greetings from North Dakota, #1 Football movie, Huskers to Indy, Pelini trying to get over hump, Ferentz being Ferentz, and ISU going bowling

*Greetings from Grand Forks, North Dakota. This is me getting into Grand Forks late Saturday afternoon. My arrival in North Dakota
*You can complain about your football team Hawkeye fans, just not the weather. My view in North Dakota.
*Let's get to it shall we?
*It has been awhile since I have posted, which leads us to the number one football movie of all-time..Rudy.
*I'm not the biggest fan of Notre Dame but there is no doubt this is the best football movie ever made.
*Favorite part Don't I know you?
*Hard to imagine but basketball season is in full force. Iowa played last night and I think that Hawkeye fans are back to reality. Yes, with Gesell and Woodbury coming into the program there is a lot to be excited about. Sprinkle that in with the returning talent, it would be easy to get carried away. But Iowa is still a very young team. They will surprise some teams this year, but I think the NCAA tournament is a reach, a far one at that. If Iowa is "on the bubble" at the end of the year, I would consider that a good season for Fran and the boys.
*It looks like Ferentz is sticking by the side of his offensive coordinator. Did you expect anything different? They are not going to bring Davis in for one year and then fire him. Iowa doesn't do that(look at Ferentz) Nor should you do that. It would really show that the program is in desperation mode(which maybe they are)
*People ask me about Ferentz and how long he might last at Iowa. I say if we have a repeat of this season next year, you can say goodbye to Kirk's blow ups on the sideline and "risky" play-calling.
*Nebraska is headed to its third conference championship under the helm of Bo Pelini. In my mind, this is the hump for Bo. It is year five of the program and year two of the B1G. The conference is bad, Nebraska had high expectations this year, this game against Wisconsin Saturday night might be Bo's biggest games so far as head coach. Win and go to the Rose Bowl, gain momentum for next year(next year sets up big for the Big Red.) Lose, go to a decent bowl and probably lose to an SEC team (Another long off-season)
*I think Nebraska wins. Tim Beck must call a great game. 1.)Control the clock..meaning Sexy Rexy and Ameer combine for 55 carries..yes, 55. 2.) Don't put Martinez in bad situations. i.e. Run the ball first..Pass only if it is completely safe. 3.) You can't have stupid, idiotic penalties.
*Win turnover battle and don't commit stupid penalties and you win. Huh..hasn't that been the theme all year?
*Congrats to CPR and the Iowa State football team. They continue to impress and I know all of CyclONEnation is excited..they should be.
*Right now, and I think everyone can agree on this..the Iowa State football program is in better shape then many saw that coming 20 years ago?
*Next time, hockey, Fighting Sioux controversy, and much more.

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