Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two-A-Days No More, Wildcats On The Prowl, Wegher, Shatel's Article on Husker Fans

 *Hey sports fans..The blog has been slacking as of late as I'm sure most of you don't care about my top 25 so I'm going to try and pick it up.
*Iowa high school football teams have dropped the "two-a-day" practices and have went to a single practice a day due to the boys in Boone ending the multiple practices in a single day. I never played a down of high school football so I would like to hear what some of you former/current high school players think of this. I'm sure coaches do the best to find ways around the rule. Some questions to ponder...does it hurt the overall performance of high school football? Are the teams more "even" at the end of fall practice?
*I think the boys in B-Town have one question and one question only: Does this make practice "safer" for the kids? I think the answer to that is, yes. Whether you think they're being to "soft" on the kids or not getting them game ready, it's hard to argue that there will be less kids fainting/heat exhaustion, etc. Here's something to chew on: How about a running back faints in a game because he wasn't conditioned well enough where he could of been better conditioned better with two-a-days as opposed to one. Interesting.
*Former Sioux City Bishop Heelan running back Brandon Wegher is headed to Morningside. I touched on this a little in a previous blog. In my mind, Wegher is a NFL talent. Things didn't work out at Iowa...or Oklahoma...or Iowa Western.
*Here is the story by KCAU. Watching this, you want to root for the guy. He never killed anyone..He didn't get busted for coke...He made a few mistakes, we all do.
Saying All The Right Things
 *Hard to imagine the last time he touched a football in uniform, it was for the game-clinching TD against Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl..Remember those days, Iowa fans? Here's a reminder: USA NUMBER 1!!!
 *Flipping over to the Huskers...Here is an absolutely great read by Omaha World Herald's Tom Shatel on Nebraska fans and the hope for the upcoming season.
Husker Fans Need Hope
*Shatel writes contrasting the anticipation of a past season compared to the outlook for this season, "If a Husker team had a four-year starter at quarterback, along with this arsenal of offensive weapons, and the 2013 schedule, nobody would be worrying about a young defense. People would be making their Jan. 1 hotel reservations.Alas, I think Husker fans have forgotten how to make those plans. And I think some of them are forgetting how to hope." BINGO. If the year was 1998 with the schedule Nebraska had and with the starting QB and running game coming back, Husker fans would have already had every hotel room checked out in Pasadena. Will that hope ever return for Nebraska fans?
*We have arrived at #17 on my college football top 25 poll: Northwestern
*Did you think you would ever see the Cats picked above Oklahoma, USC, AND Michigan? That must be why no one reads my blog.
*This is hands-down the best Pat Fitzgerald team that has ever put on the purple. The problem is they play one of the toughest schedules in the B1G. Ohio State to open up Big Ten play, at Wisconsin, at Nebraska, Michigan, and Michigan State.
*The Northwestern backfield is incredible. Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian will be the qbs, both very dangerous. Venric Mark will be the one who they will be handing the ball off to, the most underrated back in America. Northwestern returns just about everyone at the skill position and the defense has a chance to be decent.
*October 5th might be the biggest day in Northwestern football history. Homecoming. Ohio State comes to town. Both will be undefeated. Night game. Game Day will be there. Should be fun.
*Regular season: 9-3

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