Tuesday, August 28, 2012

*Keeping the countdown rolling, number 7 of the best football movie ever made: Any Given Sunday.
*This movie has an all-star lineup: Pachino, Diaz, Foxx, Quaid, LT, Jim Brown, AND LL Cool J. There is not another movie on the countdown that has a cast like this one.
*This movie is intense and doesn't beat around the bush. It shows you exactly what goes on in an NFL organization and takes no shortcuts.
*This movie could bump up a couple of spots, but it's not going to. Number 7 is a safe spot for the Sharks.
*#SportsFourceSpirit takes a look at LeMars Gehlen Catholic. The Jays move up a class and lose Trevor Bouma. That doesn't go well for a team that is trying to get back to the Dome. The Jays opened up in the CNOS Classic this past Saturday against Hinton and looked pretty good...in the first half. Hinton got on a roll and there was no looking back for the Blackhawks, beating Gehlen, 35-14.Gehlen not only lost Bouma from last year, but also their starting QB and two great players on the line. It's no doubt Tony Gunters team will have some work to do if they want to get back to the playoffs(which he told me was their goal.)

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