Tuesday, August 28, 2012

*Top 10 Football Movies rolls on as we reach Number 6: Varsity Blues. You know if you get mocked in Not Another Teen Movie, that you're a keeper.
*This was kind of the kick start to high school football movies. Although Friday Night Lights was written a long time ago, I think Billy Bob and the boys showed how high school football really is.
*The movie shows a lot of different aspects on high school and football..the partying, the pressure, will to win, a coach you don't like, the town behind you, etc.
*Good flick in my opinion.
*#SportsFourceSpirit moves on up to Spencer.
*The Tigers were WINLESS in 2010 and it looked like they were headed the same direction in 2011. But with some key wins and getting into the playoffs on that last Friday of the season, the Tigers changed the attitude around Spencer. Not only did they make it into the 3A playoffs, they also beat the top seed, Creston, and took Harlan down to the wire.
*Jim Tighes pronounced Tys team is all about PROCESS. They don't worry about the big goals, just getting better everyday.
*The Tigers have some work to do. Friday night Emmetsburg(number 2 in 1-A) rolled them. They also have a tough district, but it's hard to root against these guys.

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