Friday, August 10, 2012

*We are now two weeks away from MOST high school football teams starting in the state of Iowa.
*I like the idea of starting off with a bang. This means Valley vs. Dowling for central Iowa fans, East vs. Heelan in my neck of the woods. I, like many people, seeing these great, early football season matchups when we are used to seeing a powerhouse play a middle school team.
*Sioux City East coaches think that this might be one of their best team in years. Talking with head coach Bob Goodvin, he likes the idea of the new competition his team will get this year. Valley is the clear favorite in the district, but Goodvin says don't overlook the other teams.
*In talks of the new 4A districts, I'm on the fence. I like the balance it will bring, but I don't like parents having to travel three hours every other weekend to see their kids play. I guess if there is one good thing, it will spike the viewership of the news.(Wanting to see highlights because they didn't want to travel.)
*Iowa State will always be the underdog. They have no problem with that.
*The Olympics have been fun to watch and I think the USA Men's basketball team will crank it up three notches in pursuit of a gold medal. They are no "Dream Team."
*Speaking of, if you're looking for a good read, "Dream Team" by Jack McCallum is a fantastic book. It has all the inside info on the 1992 team, with Mac giving his opinion. He has the past and present quotes to back everything up. Truly a great author.
*I will start counting down the Top 10 best Football movies leading up to the season. Expect some quotes from Rudy, Boobie Miles, Gary Bertier, and Billy Bob.
*Have a nice weekend, and Go America!!

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    Approximately what week do we talk real all know what I mean...The Browns vs. The Bills BAYBAY!!!!!!

    I also want to throw in there...I love you Amari Spievey