Tuesday, August 14, 2012

*Today is the countdown to the start of high school football in Northwest Iowa. To get ready, I will be spotlighting ten high school football teams around Sioux City and also covering the metro teams..(this corresponds with our Sports Fource coverage.) Not only that, I will be taking an inside look at all the local college teams getting ready for the upcoming season. And last but certainly not least, I will be counting down the top 10 football movies of all-time.
*Let's just start right there because that's probably why you are here.
*Number 10 greatest football movie of all-time is: Little Giants
*Myself being in my early 20's, this movie came out at a perfect time. Whether you liked Icebox or Spike, Brother Danny or Brother Kevin, there is no denying this great movie...and with a special appearance and inside coaching from John Madden, the movie had it all. There is no doubt Becky should of been a Cowboy..but she got the last laugh against Spike and those bratty Cowboys. #JuniorandBeckyForLife
*Favorite quote: "Giants, Giants, HELP US GOD!!"
*The first of ten teams on our Sports Fource coverage leading up to the season is: HINTON
*The Blackhawks are using last seasons 2-7 record as motivation for this year. With some more seniors on this years squad and the motto of "One game at a time," Hinton makes the move down from Class 1-A to A. Don't worry, it doesn't get easier. With West Lyon, Woodbury Central, and Lawton Bronson all in that class, it is going to be a tough schedule.
*Coach Held really likes their line, saying it is one of the strongest points on the team. Luckily for Hinton, and the rest of the state, Trevor Bouma is graduated and gone. That means this years game against LeMars Gehlen at Elwood Olsen Stadium on August 25th should be much closer.
*Much more tomorrow.

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