Wednesday, August 15, 2012

*Here's a quick thought..why is it every time I say that to people when I'm out and about, someone always associates it to aliens by responding in an "Unearthly way" or hold up the peace sign? It always makes me chuckle. That is "my phrase" as a reporter and if being an alien makes me unique, so be it.
*Continuing the top 10 football movies of all-time countdown continues. 
*Number 9 greatest football movie of all-time is: We Are Marshall
*This is a pretty solid film...nothing flashy, but it gets the job done. It tells the story of the tragedy of the Marshall football team's plane crashing and them making the decision to continue with the football program. With the likes of Nate Ruffin, Marshall went on to have some pretty good dang years as a football team.
*Favorite quote: "We're not honoring them, Jack, we're disgracing them." I think this might tie into the Penn State situation that has occured/occuring. It will be interesting to see how it plays out in Happy Valley.
*The second of ten teams outside the metro on our Sports Fource coverage leading up to the season is: WOODBURY CENTRAL
*The Wildcats return some key players from a team that won its first playoff game since 1980, when their coach Kelly Manker, was in pads for the blue and white.
*The 'Cats are a pretty confident bunch. But they will have to get through some excellent competition to reach where they want to go, the Dome.
*It will be fun for locals to watch the Paulsen twins over the next few years. With their size and for only being sophomores, they might go pretty far.
*Shout out to everyone I know from Moville, which it seems about half the town.

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