Monday, January 28, 2013

Number 7 best hoops movie, Super Bowl pick, Heelan kid makes Top 10, ISU gets much needed win, Iowa fans tired of moral victories, UND booed at home

*Greetings and welcome back to the work week.
*I see that this blog just went over 1,000 all-time views. It's hard to imagine that many people reading these worthless ramblings. Thanks to everyone who reads it!(Including you Grandma!)
* A Facebook post from me this pas week..probably one of the more ridiculous ones I've had:

"The difference in winter between Iowa and North Dakota is like the movie Rocky IV. Iowa being Ivan Drago(It can land the big punches like a big, wet snow that looks pretty) but it is Rocky that symbolizes a North Dakota winter.(Always coming at you with everything he's until you can't take it any more blows) aka, the constant below temps, blizzard warnings, and dry snow. USA #1."

*We have arrived at the top 7 all-time best basketball movie:
Coach Carter
*The modern version of Hoosiers. Got to respect a man who's doing something that he knows is right, even though it is not liked by the people surrounding him.
*As much as people dislike or root against the Patriots, wouldn't you of rather seen the Pats-49ers Super Bowl?
*The story of the brothers coaching each other in the big game is a great one, sure, maybe the best storyline of all-time going into the game. But the RAVENS?
*This is almost as bad as the Giants vs. the Ravens in 2000.
*I'll root for the 49ers but mainly I'll root for the hot wings being good and the commercials being funny.
*A Sioux City Heelan grad made SportsCenters top 10:
Dunk City
*Iowa State got a much needed win vs. Kansas State this past weekend. With the Wildcats a top 15 team, the W looks great on the Cyclones resume.
*Looking ahead for the Clones, that game vs. Kansas at Hilton in late Feb. is going to be fun.
*Iowa fans are tired of moral victories. They got the job done at the beginning of the Big Ten season but now they're not cutting it.
*Iowa lacks killer instinct (something you see with young teams) and pure shooters. I think the edition of Jok and Uthoff will be key for Iowa next year but I think the experience that these young players are getting right now will be even more costly.
*UND had a big home series hosting St. Cloud State this past weekend playing maybe its worst game of the season Friday night. The team was booed heading out of the second with the crowd upset at the effort they saw. UND bounced back Saturday night to get A point..but these weekends of UND getting one point, especially at home, cannot continue.
*Coach Hakstol really didn't know what to take out of the weekend. The team played so poor Friday but bounced back with great effort Saturday. One thing Hakstol was pretty certain on: Weekends like these will make his team better in March...and hopefully April.
*The UND Men's basketball team has now won four out of five. The loss to Sac. State was bad but after being down by 20 plus in the first half to Northern Arizona, the team could of folded. They didn't. It's those types of wins over Northern Arizona that will spark a team for a few weeks. Just what the doctor ordered going into February.
*No offense Vikings fans, but when a tight end wins MVP of a Pro Bowl, you know something is lacking.
*I would not be heartbroken if the NFL Pro Bowl was canceled. They might as well just show a Buffalo Bills scrimmage since the Bills have so many All-Star players.
*That'll do it for me.
*O'Doyle rules!

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