Friday, January 11, 2013

#9 best basketball movie, Iowa/ISU hoops, Musburger, Alabama Dynasty, and much more

*Greetings and Happy Friday!
*Since moving to the "Peace Garden State"..Iowa has received more snow than North Dakota..I was starting to think of all this talk how North Dakota is treacherous in the winter time was just a big myth to the rest of the United States..The forecast tonight calls for 5-10 inches of snow on top of the ice we already have..add 35-40 mph gusts of wind..and we're going to have ourselves a dandy blizzard. Let's see what you got North Dakota.
*Coming in at number nine in the top 10 basketball movie countdown...White Men Can't Jump.
*A classic early 90s flick starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson hustling for money on the court. Just look at this confident..
*I think Iowa and Iowa State both saw great things from their teams the other night. The Hawks and the Clones both should of won against top 25 teams..Iowa State found out just how good they can be in the heartbreaker against Kansas..Fred Hoiberg made a tough decision on the no foul/foul situation. We hear it at the end of every game when a team is up 3 playing defense..To foul the other team and send them to the line for a 1/1 or 2 shots(risking that they make the first and intentionally miss the second hoping to get a game-tying putback) or just play solid defense and hope they don't make a three. I'm a foul guy myself..In all the years of watching crazy endings, especially in March, have I seen a team foul and regret it in that situation. Multiple times have I seen the game go into overtime when a team opts to play defense.
*Let it be a lesson learned for the young coach from Ames.
*Iowa has showed so much potential in one of the toughest three-game slates a team could ask for(Indiana, Michigan, and Michigan State.) They're 0-3. Potential or not, the game comes down to wins and loses. The Hawks had Sparty beat at home and many Iowa fans think they got "hosed" at the end. Regardless, that's a game Iowa needs to win if they want to make the tournament.
*Eventually, Nebraska coach Tim Miles might need to pull a Norman Dale and play four players..Not because he wants too, but because he has too. The Huskers are currently looking for potential guys to suit up at the Lincoln YMCA.
*Brent Musberger provided us with some entertainment the other night during the National Championship (I say thank you because the game was brutal was to watch) Of course, 'ol Brent made some headlines when he commented on Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb.
*ESPN kept going back to her throughout the game as her Twitter following continued to rise...what else was he supposed to say? 
*Here's a young, handsome Mr. Musberger in his early days.
*Alabama has won their third national championship in four years..It might be hard to believe these days, but Nebraska once did this as well. I'm not going to debate what dynasty was better(although most of you know what one I would choose) but I will remind Nebraska fans who want Bo out of a game in East Lansing in the early 1995 season. Nebraska walked into Michigan State and put a whooping to the Spartans, 50-10. The Michigan State coach thought he had a good team that year but they were rocked at home against the Huskers. Tom Osborne reminded the young coach of that as they shook hands after the game. The young Spartan coach? Nick Saban. Point being-SOME Nebraska fans think that Pelini should go...I say, give it some more time.
*At this point I think Kirk Ferentz owns Iowa football..Some Hawkeye fans think he should go..some think he should stay..and most are caught in the middle and don't know what to think. I know this, one more year of what happened this past fall and Captain Kirk might be ran out of town.

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