Monday, January 7, 2013

Top 10 Hoops Flicks, Rockin Rocco, Iowa Hoops, National Title Preview, RG3

*Greetings from North Dakota!
*I know I have very few, if any, readers from the Frozen Tundra so I will keep those notes short and sweet.
*This past fall, I counted down the top 10 football movies of all-time. Now, it's time for the top 10 basketball movies of all time. (Wrestlers..don't get upset, here's your countdown10-1)
10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
*If you five readers remember, I will count it down one movie at a time. Let's hope it doesn't take till March to get to number one. (Although those that know me, already know what number one is)
*Note: In coming up with a top 10, I noticed there really aren't alot of great basketball movies. The list is VERY top-heavy. 
*Number 10: Celtic Pride
 *This movie is ridiculous, let's not beat around the bush. Two crazy Celtic fans trying to kidnap the best player for the Utah Jazz. But there are some pretty funny parts in the movie and you really can't go wrong with Marv from Home Alone as a crazy gym teacher/basketball nut.
*Let's get to it.
*This past weekend, UND freshman Rocco Grimaldi was Player of the Game in the gold medal victory as the US Junior team beat Sweden, 3-1.
*Somewhere, this group is smiling. 
*NDSU won its second-straight FCS National Championship this past weekend. Head coach of the Bison, Craig Bohl used to be Defensive Coordinator for Nebraska. It seems that Husker fans root for guys like Bohl and Frank Solich when they leave Nebraska...just not Bill Callahan.
*I think the RG3 story is say the least.
*I thought the Redskins were going to win at home, but right before the 'Skins went up 14-0, RG3 was once again injured changing the entire complexion of the game. Some people are getting on Shanahan for keeping Griffen in the game. So what if he puts in Kirk's Cousin and "Superman" says after the game he could of played? People want their cake and they want to eat it too. RG3 defended Shanahan after the game and even before it ended, Griffen came over and put his arm around his coach...saying to me, that it Griffen was ok with Shanahan's decision.
*A week ago, Iowa stayed with one of the best teams in the country (Indiana) despite its best player having a terrible shooting day. This past weekend, we saw them hang with Michigan(who alot think is a National Championship team) in Ann Arbor before the Wolverines put on the jets. The Hawks will get there, it might just take them awhile. Right now they remind me of the early episodes of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" know the show is going to be good and you can see signs of it, just takes a little tweaking.Let's hope Iowa will be dancing like this in March Carlton Dance
*If you don't know, there is a national championship tonight. It seems like you can't turn on the "four-lettered network" without hearing about it.
*Two traditional powers..half of America loves/hates Notre Dame...half loves/hates the SEC. One thing is guaranteed: If the Irish win, Lou Holtz will be one happy lil old dude.

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