Friday, January 18, 2013

Number 8 best basketball movie of all time, Te'o, The day the music died, hoops, Chris Street legacy, UND faces Evil Empire, and just when you though it was cold in Iowa

*Greetings from The Frozen Tundra.
*Rumor has it that it's supposed to hit record highs in Iowa today and then get cold next week..Just when you think it's gonna get cold there...
*We have arrived at the number eight best basketball movie, Glory Road aka the football version of Remember the Titans. A great, inspirational film about segregation and overcoming the odds through the game of basketball. Don Haskins becomes the coach of Texas Western and facing a ton of adversity, leads the Miners to the national championship with the first all-black starting line-up winning over the mighty Kentucky. Coach Haskins might of changed the game of basketball forever.
*Keeping with the hoops, The Des Moines Register did a fantastic job with the coverage of Chris Street and the 20 year anniversary of his tragic accident. Here is the link: Chris Street legacy
*I read into this and think of how terrible it was for the people that knew and were close to Chris. It just shows what kind of a young man he was if he has NBA coaches writing his father in regards to Chris. I loved Doug Collins as a broadcaster and as a coach (the current coach of the 76ers) but reading his letter to Chris's father only makes me think more highly of Collins.
*The Street story is so eerily similar to the Brook Berringer, the Nebraska quarterback who lost his life in an airplane accident. Guys like Brook are the reason why I'm a Nebraska fan and I think Hawkeye fans can say the same about Street. Here is a piece on Berringer after his death via ESPN: Brook Berringer, one of the greatest guys to put on a Husker uni
* On the complete end of the spectrum is the story of Manti Te'o. I'm not going to dig into this because you've seen all the jokes on Facebook and Twitter and heard the stories on ESPN..but I will say this..I don't care if there is a mix between Reese Witherspoon and Mila Kunis waiting for you on the other end of the computer/phone...Bro, you're a D1 athlete, I'm sure you don't have a problem getting women..
*Started my day off with some 90's music today...bands using their own voices and instruments to make music...huh...who would of guessed.
* Here is a good one from back in the day I always belt out to: To Be With You-Mr. Big
*I have yet to be to a high school basketball game where I can hardly hear myself think..that was something I was used to in Iowa filming games in Northwest Iowa..
*Of course, who could forget about the greatest basketball student section in the Iowa's history:
*This is from my senior year of high school when I think these two teams combined for five wins midway through the year. Nothing like your own basketball tailgating with you an hour before tipoff in negative temperatures.
*UND heads to Minneapolis to take on the top-ranked Gophers, aka "The Evil Empire" according to long-time Sioux fans. This will be the last time these two teams face off in the regular season until the 2016 year. That's too's one of the best rivalries in all of college athletics.
*NHL is back...somewhere The Bash Brothers are probably downing beers(now that they are of age) and cranking some Metallica.
*Have a good weekend all!

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