Thursday, February 7, 2013

Number 6 best basketball movie, Iowa being Iowa, NSD, Flacco, Counciltucky, Random Thoughts

*Greetings from The North Pole.
*Last week I heard a direct quote come out of my TV, "Tomorrow won't be as bad..we will have a high of zero." How North Dakota isn't a hotspot destination in the winter time is beyond me
*Speaking of North Dakota, the UND hockey team heads down to Omaha to play a series..with Saturdays game being held outdoors. Awesome. Awesome for the players and the coaches.
*If Hakstol wants to get the sweep (which they need), all he has to do is threaten his team with "If you don't win, we're staying the night in Council Bluffs." The team would win..easily.
*Look..."Counciltucky" really does exist:
*I would pay Hakstol 100 dollars to get me La Juas, Bob Roes wings, and a Jerry's Pizza. With being the former Muskies coach, he knows what's up.
*We're at the number 6 best basketball movie of all-time:
Blue Chips
*I had been tossing and turning late at night thinking that I made a mistake putting this before Coach Carter. Then I remembered that Al Bundy is in the movie and fell right asleep.
*Blue Chips is good because it shows takes you inside a real-life college program. I've always liked Nick Nolte (mainly the drunk cop in 48 Hours) and I think he does a solid job in this movie. Of course, with Shaquille O'Neal in the movie, you really can't go wrong. Though it is hard to top the role he played in the Academy Award flick, Kazaam.
*Last night, Iowa fell AGAIN in a close game where they once AGAIN couldn't close out. The team is young and this will benefit them next year but these losses sting, especially the last three.
*Although Hawk fans love McCaffery (which they should), it's easy to see that Fran is getting outcoached in some of these games. Unacceptable when you're coaching against no-namers like Tom Izzo and Bo Ryan. Give it time Iowa fans, give it time.
*National Signing Day has turned into a circus. The anticipation is fun to see where all the high school talent is going(mainly to the SEC) but some of these kids are 18. The big-timers will have a camera on them for the next 10 years of their life so I guess it's a nice warm-up..but when I was 18 my next move was to see how many hot wings I could eat(68...with fries)
*I'm happy for Joe Flacco. It's nice to see a good guy(we think) shake off the, always good to see a former Blue Hen go on and win a Super Bowl.
*The movie Shawkshank Redemption needs to quit being on AMC when I get off's physically impossible for me to turn the channel when it's on. I would say Top 5 movie of all-time is a safe bet.
*There are some lonely nights in North Dakota..thank God for 90's Country on Pandora.
*Speaking of country, glad to see my man Randy Houser finally got to number one. First heard that song in September and loved it. Plus, it doesn't hurt that my future wife is in the music video.
 *I did an interview with Dean Oliver(former Hawkeye point guard and Mason City legend.) Turns out he's an assistant for North Dakota.
Good ball player, better guy.

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