Thursday, April 18, 2013

America needs a drink, Brook Berringer day, Who made Mother Nature mad, Masters, Valley Hawks

*These last few days have not been good for America. First Boston, then Texas. The videos from both are horrific and are hard to stomach.
*Here's a thought...I've been alone in the countryside alone several times, sometimes at night. Although I know nothing can happen to me, it sometimes felt eerie. I've also been to several sporting events..with 80,000 people surrounding me...guess where I felt safer? In the countryside all alone or surrounded by 80,000 people I don't know? That's right, in a stadium where there could be a psycho running around.
*Events like what happened at the Boston Marathon are starting to change that. How long before this happens at an arena with thousands and thousands of people?
*In the darkest hour, there is always light.
Bruins-Sabres national anthem
*And if there is any town that you would mess with in America...don't you think Boston would be towards the bottom? I mean, there was the The Boston Tea Party..which led to a little thing called The American Revolutionary War..which led to, I don't know, America's freedom. I just wonder if Sam Adams were still alive what he would put in Boston Gazette? Propaganda at its finest.
*17 years ago today, the greatest Husker to ever wear the scarlet and cream passed away tragically in a plane crash. Although Brook was overshadowed by Tommie Frazier, it was Brook that Nebraska fans fell in love with. He represented what Husker football stood for. He even has his own song dedicated to him by the country band Sawyer Brown(underrated group)
Story on Brook
*North Dakota or Iowa, this "spring" has been awful. It has not reached 40 degrees since moving to Grand sad is that? When telling my buddy about it, he replied, "That sounds like Hell." No, in fact, it's just the opposite.
*Iowa needs to do more of what they did at Valley Stadium. The fact that Iowa doesn't have a spring game hurts them in more ways than it helps them. But having an open practice in Central Iowa gives something for the fans to enjoy. The Hawks, with their recent years, need all the help they can get in that regard.
*Last, but not least, the fifth greatest hoops film of all-time- Space Jam.
*What a classic. Some say BronBron is better than Jordan..Ha! Get at me when Bron protects planet Earth from the "Monstars." Goodness gracious, what a awesome movie.
*The Masters was awesome this past weekend. Often times after the Majors, I will grab my golf clubs picturing myself hitting awesome shots. It always ends up me landing in the woods and saying naughty words.

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