Thursday, May 15, 2014

Saying Goodbye

To all my North Dakota and Minnesota friends:

It breaks my heart to write this but I should let you know that I have resigned from my position at WDAZ-TV. It is not the ending I could of ever dreamed of, but all good things must come to an end.

Although it is not the way I wanted to end my run at WDAZ, it does not change these things:

When I first got the call from Pat Sweeney about the job opening at "the Z" two Novembers ago, I could not even tell you where Grand Forks was on a map. 17 months later, moving up here for the job was one of the best decisions I will ever make. Right away, Grand Forks and the entire region felt like home as the people were so welcoming. I had never heard of these towns or these teams but felt right away that I had known them my entire life. That is due to the people of the area and "North Dakota/Minnesota Nice." For that, Grand Forks and this region will forever be special to me.

From Kittson County Central, Cavalier, Thief River, Thompson, Grafton, and GGF, covering high school sports on a daily basis meant the world to me. I have always loved high school sports and especially with the small schools, it was a treat to spend my Friday nights on the football field or packed in a gym with you. I will never forget the teams or the athletes that I had the privilege of covering.

Going to a Frozen Four was beyond my wildest dreams but this year's North Dakota men's hockey team made it a reality. To be a part of North Dakota athletics, even just as a member of the media, was a treat. The trip to Philadelphia for hockey and to College Station for women's basketball was something I dreamed of when I was 7. Maybe not specifically UND but just to have a chance to do that, is amazing.

I would like to thank WDAZ for giving me the opportunity to cover sports daily and for the chance to grow as a reporter. Also, I must thank Pat Sweeney for hiring me and letting me work besides one of the best broadcasters in North Dakota history. Everyone at WDAZ was fantastic to work with and I will miss them dearly.

To every athlete, coach, parent, teacher, or concession sales lady I've ever interviewed or even just talked to: Thank you for letting me be a part of your life.

Best wishes,
Dan Corey

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  1. Dan, Sorry to hear this and other news. I wish I would have seen you before you left to say Good Bye Friend.