Friday, January 3, 2014

TGIF Tidbits

*Greetings and Happy Friday!

*You know it is absolutely ridiculous out when a governor closes school because of the cold...three days in advance!! Minnesota Public Schools Closed Monday

*Let's start with the Olympic hockey teams being set for the men and the women on Wednesday.

*How cool is it that three locals will represent the USA women's hockey team? The Lamoureux twins (top photo) are natives of Grand Forks and Gigi Marvin of Warroad (above) will sport the red, white, and blue in Sochi. It was no surprise that all three made the team and they will be fun to watch next month!

*Former Sioux T.J. Oshie (above) of the Blues and Zach Parise of the Wild will play on the US men's team. When Toews is named to Team Canada on Tuesday, UND will be well represented as it will have nine current/former hockey players at The Games.

*Last Friday, Kyle "Bubba" Schweigert was named the new head football coach at North Dakota. Bubba Schweigert Press Conference 

*It was my first time meeting Bubba but you could tell right away why he got the job. He was sincere and emotional as he met with the media for the first time. The former UND assistant gave thanks to a lot of familiar names to North Dakota fans. Bubba wants his players to come from the Midwest and he wants to attack on defense. From a "unbiased" point of view(I'm from Iowa), Bubba seems to be the right hire.
*Here is Bubba catching some UND hoops at last night's game against Southern Utah. The guy bleeds UND green.
*The NDSU football team is going for a three-peat this Saturday against Townson. I don't want to say the Bison are a lock but the way they have been playing in the playoffs, I wouldn't want to be Townson.
*How crazy is it that NDSU will have more fans (10,000) at a pep fest over 1,000 miles away than UND did its highest-attended home football game. Ridiculous.

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