Friday, December 13, 2013

TGIF Tidbits

*Greetings and Happy Friday!
*We start with #ChuckThePigskin and the next Nick Saban, Chris McComas. If you're wondering who the heck Chris McCumas is, you're not alone.
*Just watch the link. Hilarious.
Chucking The Controller For Coaching
*My favorite part of the resume is the section, "What they are saying about me.."
"You are really good..."-Some random guy playing football online with PS3
"I like your new hair cut!"-My mom
And my favorite, "Hurry up with this damn PowerPoint and lets go to Starbucks." A guy I work with

*Can you imagine if this kid and McCumas got together and coached a team? They would never lose! #ChuckThePigskin #AnnexationOfPuertoRico #Domination
*As I said in the story, it would be a "Hail Mary" if this guy did get the job but the response around the UND community has been great. They too, like McComas, are having fun.
A pledge for Chris to come to Grand Forks
*All I know is, it was a blast to do the story and he has a lot of peoples votes in The Frozen Tundra.
*McComas says coaching isn't for him and if he saw the local forecast, he would say North Dakota isn't for him.
*I can't wait to go out in the Grand Forks nightlife and see someone rocking one of these bad boys. Classic.
*Have a good weekend all!

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