Friday, November 22, 2013

TGIF Tidbits

*Greetings and Happy Friday!

*It is sad to see the high school football season end, as always, but what a year it was. It was a blast covering all the area teams and I hope everyone enjoyed the new show DAZ Football Friday. The show allowed us to make it to games where we never would of made it before and cover small schools, that in the past, may not of received as much coverage.

*One of those teams was the Bearcats of Kittson County Central. As part of the "8 In 8" promotion, KCC was put on the map and #BearcatNation did not disappoint. KCC had a great year. Here are some pictures of me and the KCC fans along the way.
 In the FargoDome after KCC knocked off Win-E-Mac with my own sign and fathead.
 In Bemidji as KCC beat Ada-Borup in a Winter Wonderland (Usually instead of "The Man" it's "The Idiot"
At the KCC pep rally I was invited to speak at. It was a blast.

*I never could of imagined a fan base actually making multiple signs with my name on it and a fathead of me but Bearcat Nation did. Trust me KCC fans, it was just as much fun covering you guys as you enjoyed the coverage. That goes for all the small towns we were able to cover throughout the year. I could spend 50 years in this business and I don't know if I will ever see more love from a fan base than that of KCC's.

*Last week, Cavalier tore through Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn in the Dakota Bowl 9-man championship, winning 54-6. Tornado senior quarterback Ryan Chrest had a Dakota Bowl record 377 rushing yards and one of the most impressive runs you will see. Filthy at the 2:00 mark.

*On Tuesday, the East Grand Forks girls hockey team beat Warroad for the first time EVER. The powerhouse that is Warroad is now 1-3. Uffda. The Green Wave are now a perfect 4-0. Could this be the year someone OTHER than the Warriors win Section 8A? It should be a fun year!
                                  *Doesn't ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this look fun?

*On Sunday, UND and NDSU square off in men's basketball in what is sure to be a great one at the Betty(preview coming tomorrow) I fully expect to see some Bison fans with 'Better Call Saul' shirts in tribute to NDSU head coach Saul Phillips.

*I'm off to talk to the UND men's basketball team and we will have a preview tonight on WDAZ. Blog preview comes tomorrow! Have a good weekend all and stay warm!

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