Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fear The FCS, Happy For Bohl, UND

*Welcome back football fans..
*Feels good to say that!
*What a weekend it was for the FCS! First it was NDSU Friday night and then it was Eastern Washington Saturday night. All in all, eight FCS teams knocked off FBS teams over the weekend. Not bad for the "little brother" of college football.
*The North Dakota State win over Billy S and the boys in Manhattan was incredible. The Bison won that game, Kansas State did not lose that game. Big difference. Head coach Craig Bohl could hardly enjoy it as it seemed that he was on every sports show over the weekend. Well-deserved. I'm so happy for Bohl. Manhattan hasn't treated Bohl well. Bohl served as Nebraska defensive coordinator for a few years before the entire NU coaching staff was let go in a matter of two years.
*The link below makes me sick to my stomach.
Still have nightmares
*Remember when this wasn't a penalty?
*In '02, the last gas for Bohl and many Husker coaches roaming the Nebraska sidelines, Kansas State kept scoring on Nebraska when the game was well out of reach. For many years of Nebraska crushing Kansas State, I'm sure it felt good for EMAW Nation. 
*Forgive me of my Husker rants..all in all, I'm happy for Bohl.
*NDSU was trending on Twitter all night and I'm sure the Bison party lasted well into the weekend..and rightfully so. If fans didn't know about the back-to-back FCS champs, they do now.
*Eastern Washington kept the party going when the Eagles strolled into number 25 Oregon State and walked out with a dub. EWU QB Vernon Adams only went for over 500 yards and six touchdowns. He visits the Alerus Center October 12th for UND's homecoming.
*Let's put it this way: B1G commish Jimmy might be on to something when he said he doesn't want his conference playing these smaller schools. Luckily, I've know both sides of the spectrum..absolutely nothing can come of these games with the FCS teams. Nothing. You win, you did your job. You lose, you're the laughing stock of college football. Especially with the BCS gone and a playoff format among us, the strength of the non-conference becomes vital. Here's the thing: With these FCS teams in Dennis Dodd's power rankings, shouldn't the playoff committee consider some of these teams good competition. Food for thought. Fear The FCS
*One team that is trying to make that jump and become a household name in the FCS is UND. They will have a chance to make a splash this weekend when they host seventh-ranked South Dakota State. UND opened up the season by throttling Valpo 69-10. What we learned: Not a lot. We were just reminded that wide receiver Greg Hardin is very, very fast.
Highlight video of UND-Valpo
*The green and white have their work cut out for them. South Dakota State is good. Real good. When they're not handing it off to their All-American running back Zach Zenner, quarterback Austin Sumner is slicing defenses through the air.
*UND knows what's on the platter this Saturday night. From what I can gather, the program needs this win. Mussman needs this win. More on UND throughout the week.

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